6-Oct-2011 (Thu) Wherein there's another fine Halloween-related flyer.

Oooh, R. Black just sent us his third flyer for our Halloween weekend, and it's purty:

Who doesn't like fembots? Bad people, that's who. Anyway, I said yesterday that we'd probably be printing posters of these, but on second thought, probably not. People never buy our posters. We sell like one a month, so it's not worth the printing cost. (This is where a few of you say, "Oh, I would totally buy that poster!" and I don't believe you. Go buy some old ones!)

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that one of the bands listed on that flyer is God Module! You remember God Module. Back in 2003, they played a show here, and when I pointed out that they had faked the whole thing, the guy told me that it's impossible to play electronic music live, and demanded that I take down my blog post or else he would destroy our reputation in the whole wide industrial scene. I'm surprised he's deigning to play here again.

2 Responses:

  1. Jon Dowland says:

    Hey that System Syn font/design on the second poster looks… where have I seen that idea before?

  2. Are those posters screenprinted? No one seems to want them unless they're Artisanal.

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