We're doing some repairs on the roof of the pizza place. Maybe you haven't noticed, but there's a skylight in there, near the back wall of the main room. You might not have noticed because it has been covered in plywood, tar paper, and wishful thinking for several years. We're getting it fixed so that it is able to actually transmit light again. This is more of a pain in the ass than just replacing some broken glass, since the HVAC system penetrates the roof through the skylight, which means that all of that has to be disconnected first, then reconnected. Let's just say that, a decade or more ago, Bad Decisions Were Made. That's why there's a temporary plywood wall downstairs under the blower right now.

Photos of the latest Blow Up are up now -- as I think I've said before, the most photographically well-documented club the world has ever seen, OMG. As someone who tries to whittle these galleries down to a unified "reasonable" number, I find it somewhat overwhelming.

Have you picked out your costumes for the five consecutive nights we'll be open for your Halloween needs? You'd better. This is no holiday for the meek, you know.

May I introduce you to R. Black's newest creations: our Halloween flyers!

I imagine we'll have posters of these pretty soon. Get your Halloween tickets early -- lines will be long, and advance tickets get you priorty entry.

Also, DNA Pizza is hiring!

Oooh, R. Black just sent us his third flyer for our Halloween weekend, and it's purty:

Who doesn't like fembots? Bad people, that's who. Anyway, I said yesterday that we'd probably be printing posters of these, but on second thought, probably not. People never buy our posters. We sell like one a month, so it's not worth the printing cost. (This is where a few of you say, "Oh, I would totally buy that poster!" and I don't believe you. Go buy some old ones!)

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that one of the bands listed on that flyer is God Module! You remember God Module. Back in 2003, they played a show here, and when I pointed out that they had faked the whole thing, the guy told me that it's impossible to play electronic music live, and demanded that I take down my blog post or else he would destroy our reputation in the whole wide industrial scene. I'm surprised he's deigning to play here again.

19-Oct-2011 (Wed)
Wherein there are photos.

A few new photo galleries this week:

Turns out, black and white photos of people in animal masks are kind of creepy.

Who knew.

You are ready for our WEEK of Halloween, right?

Buying advance tickets for these events would be a good idea!

Did get your vote-by-mail packet yet? It's mayoral election time again!

DNA Lounge is endorsing:

  1. Bevan Dufty,
  2. Dennis Herrera, and
  3. Ed Lee, in that order.

(The Wikipedia article on instant runoff voting explains why you should vote for the candidate you really prefer in position #1, regardless of what you think their chances are. IRV makes "strategic" voting less necessary.)

Specifically, we implore you to vote for anyone whose name is not "David Chiu".

Chiu is the biggest enemy of nightlife in San Francisco politics, and allowing him to be elected mayor would be the worst possible outcome.

As I said of him during the last election:

He spent many months gunning to disband the Entertainment Commission (only reversing his position once he saw which way the political wind was blowing) and every time he makes a speech in public, he is still saying that "we have to do something about these clubs" because "people are getting shot at nightclubs once a month", which is demonstrably false. He keeps saying this in public even after having been called out on it, because that kind of "tough on crime" rhetoric is what sells. He was also strongly in favor of the (fortunately vetoed) alcohol tax, and that idiotic "promoter permit" idea.

Lately he has toned down his anti-nightlife rhetoric, presumably because while that played well for him in North Beach, it doesn't play as well in the city as a whole. But he has already shown his true colors, and having this man as mayor would be an unmitigated disaster for nightlife.

Whereas, Dufty is such a supporter of nightlife that he even uses the response, "I want bars to be open until 4AM!" to dodge other questions!

Here's Dufty's page on nightlife issues, and here's Herrera's, both of which sound good. Notably, Ed Lee doesn't have one. David Chiu kind-of has one, but while it talks a lot about "the arts" (by which he seems to mean "galleries"), all he has to say about nightlife is that "he passed several pieces of legislation to monitor and regulate nightclub violence."

Of course, it probably doesn't matter who we tell you to vote for, because Ed Lee's almost certainly going to win anyway, which is why we recommend him as your third-choice vote: as a safety vote against David Chiu.

The only reason the Board of Supervisors agreed to appoint Lee interim mayor was because he promised that he wouldn't run, so right out of the gate he's proven himself to be a liar. Aren't politicians supposed to be better than that at hiding their lies? But, he's owned by Rose Pak, the Vampire of Chinatown, so it's a done deal. As far as I can tell, she's been personally choosing San Francisco's mayor for decades, but was only dragged out of the shadows and into the press this year.

Politics! Ain't it grand?

I am shocked, shocked to learn that Ed Lee has been caught committing election fraud already. SFist, SF Chronicle, Bay Citizen.

Just to be clear, since some people seem to have not understood, the only reason he's on our list at #3 is because he's the most viable candidate whose name is not David Chiu. "Not David Chiu" is the outcome that we in the nightlife industry care about most of all, and the #3 slot is your "last resort" vote.

But Lee's going to win no matter what, because his backers are well-funded and well-connected enough that they can engage in these kinds of antics and get away with them.

Check it out, the DNA Pizza sign is done!

There aren't lights inside it yet (coming soon!) but it looks great. It won't remain shiny for long: within a month or so, it will have rusted enough to match the DNA Lounge sign.

Unlike the DNA sign, this one only took seven months instead of ten years, so I'm gonna make a note here, huge success! Lee Sonko is the fellow who built and hung it, by the way. Thanks, Lee!

Also, reconstruction on the skylight is just about done, except for a few minor details. Even though the new skylight is a little smaller than the old one, it's so much brighter in the pizza dining room during the day now. Not being covered with tar paper will do that, I guess.

And this is your last reminder of the epic week we have coming up for you: four more days of Halloween remain: Les Beaux, Trannyshack, the world famous DNA Lounge Halloween party on Sunday, Death Guild on Halloween proper, and then after a three day breather, Friday is the return of Pop Roxx!

We will see you there. Oh yes, we will.