12-Sep-2011 (Mon) Wherein there are photos, and justice!

Photos are up of Friday's Mortified and Blow Up.

Late in the evening at Blow Up, we caught some guy etching his darling little pirate name into the window of the pizza restaurant. And by "caught", I mean, "cuffed, arrested and will be prosecuting!"

There was much rejoicing.

We don't catch these shitbag taggers in the act nearly often enough, so when we do, we bring as much legal force to bear as possible. It is a moral imperative.

10 Responses:

  1. David says:

    How much legal force can you bring to bear on them? A fine? Community service? Dare I dream of actual jail time?

    Also, how much pain does that wind up being on your end? (Other than the obvious answer: more than it should)

    • jwz says:

      We nag the DA to prosecute, which puts it on their record, then we sue for damages. In other words, "not much".

      • Rick C says:

        It's too bad you can't do something both more serious and put up their picture on a wall of shame pour encourager les autres, like stores do with bounced checks. ("Careful--we lost three customers last week. We can't afford to lose you!")

  2. ducksauz says:

    Way to go with nailing the tagger. I fscking hate that those asshats think that the rest of the world wants to see their stupid scratches and marker leavings.

  3. What is the state of the art in window etching repair? Seems like the only fix is "replace." I would think there is money to be made in windows that could be remelted/healed in place. I am guessing current windows technology does not allow for that.Nevertheless, good job in catching the dirtbag.

  4. Andrew says:

    If you can resin a windshield crack, I wonder if you can resin in glass scratches?

  5. Dan says:

    I'd love to hear more details about bringing these goons to some kind of justice. I find vandalism incomprehensible. I don't know how you keep your head from exploding when you deal with this stuff.

  6. Do you mean that you nag the DA to excercise the wobbler thingy? Just curious, because the way I understand the vandalism laws, under certain circumstances, the DA can either file it as a misdemeanor or as a felony.

  7. Lady says:

    thats awful,,,, how much damage did he cause ? is it noticeable ?
    how much will it cost to repair and how soon ?

  8. charlesmanson says:

    Don't snitch just beat his ass