8-Sep-2011 (Thu) Wherein there are photos of Chromatics, and I hype Mortified.

Photos of the Chromatics show are up. It was a fantastic show! Great band. The show was quite underattended, though, which was sad.

Don't our new backline lights look fantastic? I'm so pleased with those.

Don't forget to get your tickets for the Mortified "Back to School" show tomorrow at 7pm! I cannot emphasize enough how hilarious this show is. You should get here early if you want a seat.

Summer's almost over, which means that it's also time for you to start planning your company's annual holiday party before our November and December dates fill up! you don't want to have to have that party in the company cafeteria again, do you? That's crazy talk, you should have it here.

2 Responses:

  1. Jon says:

    Those lights are great. Are those LEDs? What kind are you using? I'm still looking for good LED cans for my band, those regular PAR cans we're having are just not very practical.