Our espresso machine is back, and it works! We had been using a loaner for the last month while ours was being repaired. So that first guy who told us that it was a paperweight was wrong. The new guys had to cut the end off of one of the pressure vessels and replace the end. Their theory for how it cracked in the first place is that that this machine was left outside, full of water, in below-freezing weather. So, don't do that.

That third picture up there is of a new dingus we're experimenting with. Someone sells these extensions that attach to the beer pour spouts that let the cup fill from the bottom instead of the top, resulting in less foam. They seem to work pretty well. Normally, a tap's first pour of the day requires dumping out several pints' worth of foam; these seem to bring that down to half a pint or so. It's not a huge savings, but it will add up.

Photos of the Chromatics show are up. It was a fantastic show! Great band. The show was quite underattended, though, which was sad.

Don't our new backline lights look fantastic? I'm so pleased with those.

Don't forget to get your tickets for the Mortified "Back to School" show tomorrow at 7pm! I cannot emphasize enough how hilarious this show is. You should get here early if you want a seat.

Summer's almost over, which means that it's also time for you to start planning your company's annual holiday party before our November and December dates fill up! you don't want to have to have that party in the company cafeteria again, do you? That's crazy talk, you should have it here.

Photos are up of Friday's Mortified and Blow Up.

Late in the evening at Blow Up, we caught some guy etching his darling little pirate name into the window of the pizza restaurant. And by "caught", I mean, "cuffed, arrested and will be prosecuting!"

There was much rejoicing.

We don't catch these shitbag taggers in the act nearly often enough, so when we do, we bring as much legal force to bear as possible. It is a moral imperative.

29-Sep-2011 (Thu)
Wherein we have mugs!

We will now be serving coffee at DNA Pizza in properly-branded mugs. And, of course, they're also on sale in the store:

The travel mug is a good deal, because any time you bring it back, we'll fill it with drip coffee for $1.

Also, we got a few of these cute "coffee stencils", so that even our foam can be properly branded:

Also, photos went up a little while ago of Hubba Hubba Revue's 5th Anniversary.