30-Aug-2011 (Tue) Wherein there are photos.

Photos of Hubba Hubba Revue: Summer Camp are up now, with the fabulous Fans of Jimmy Century, who put on a great show as always. This was also the premiere of their new music video Hollywood Ending, which you can now watch online.

I've also put up photos of last month's Mortified. I had forgotten that I hadn't posted them yet, oops!

It looks like SF Weekly is having another contest for some "Web Awards" thing, and one of their categories is "Best Venue Website". Guess what? DNA Lounge is not one of the choices, and there's no mechanism for write-ins. What do you think is it a deliberate snub, or simple incompetence? It's not like we don't win their "Best of SF" contest every year! Feh.

I happen to think that this web site is pretty good!

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  1. Will Scullin says:

    I o

    • Will Scullin says:

      Disqus is a little quirky. What I was trying to say was, without auto-play music, a 20 minute Flash intro, and several PDFs, how did you expect to compete?

  2. Minimalism and efficiency does not sell papers. Perhaps adding some sort of flash based virtual pet to the site would help.