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Some press!

SF Weekly has noticed that DNA Pizza is now open 24 hours:

24-Hour Eateries Satisfy Post-Midnight Cravings

It's four in the morning and you're starving. Where should you go?

San Francisco eateries aren't very good at staying open into the wee hours, so we've compiled a list of places for you to go to in case the cupboard is bare when you want a midnight snack. New to the Scene
DNA Pizza (371 Eleventh at Harrison) is the new kid on the 24-hour dining block, starting around-the-clock service this week. On the menu: "The Carnivore" and "The Whole Damn Vegan Garden" pizzas.

Also, did I mention that we now have lunch and dinner specials?

Lunch: $2 off any slice + drink, 11am - 4pm.
Dinner: $1 off any slice + drink, 4pm - 7pm.
Happy Hour: $1 off all beer from 2pm - 7pm.

We ran some print ads a few weeks ago, which we rarely do:

(See that pizza on the left? You see what we did there?)

The Chronicle wrote up the Drag Kings show:

Drag King Contest a winner at the DNA Lounge

Nothing could drag down last week's 16th annual S.F. Drag King Contest at the DNA Lounge - not even, say, a no-show by numero uno contestant Ryder Moore. No worries, with consolation performances by last year's winner, Hamm Graham & the Wham Bamm Thank You Ma'ams, which socked the mob with a ramshackle sing-along to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," and the Rebel Kings stepping up with a "Star Wars"-themed mime-athon to the sound of "Ballroom Blitz."

"I have a little foreshadowing," volunteered roller-skating judge Anna Conda (a.k.a. Entertainment Commission member Glendon Hyde). "Han Solo, don't marry Calista Flockhart!" Ah, the perils of looking backward - or forward. "I'm sorry, uh, I'm too young to remember 'Star Wars,'" judge Elvis Herselvis drawled. "Er, 'Star Trek,' yeah."

That Star Wars act was, in fact, pretty great.

And here's a blog post with some videos of last week's Bootie where they connected up with the Bootie party that happens in Second Life (for the second time):

Mixed Reality Clubbing in SL's Club Republik and SF's DNA

It was a hugely fun event, and as promised, I did indeed dance my ass off. That said, I do wish the mixed reality aspect came off better at the DNA Lounge.

Apparently, the club's big screens could not display SL running at high resolution, so Keela had to use an old viewer running at a lower resolution, and consequently, the video feed wasn't super great. With all that, I think most of the real life clubbers didn't quite get what was happening on the screen. When the DNA Lounge's emcee asked them all to give a shout out to the clubbing avatars in Second Life, a drunk girl near me shouted, "Can you please speak in English?!"

All that to one side, I'd love to see more mixed reality clubbing events like this, just with better deployment. When they're done well, they're seriously cool. I once helped run one at a party in the Mission district, and the SL feed was so fascinating, all those beautiful fricking hipsters actually stopped dancing to gawk at the avatars.

(My understanding is that the technical difficulties were because the prepartory words, "our video projectors take composite or S/Video. Not VGA, not HDMI, and not DVI" were insufficiently clear. Oh well.)

Seems like our network held up find under the load, though, which is nice. The DSL fire-drill appears to have worked.

And tonight:

Mortified followed immediately by Blow Up + Popscene! Ticket sales for Mortified have been brisk, so get here early if you want a seat!

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