5-Aug-2011 (Fri) Wherein we stumble upon proto-mashups from DNA Lounge's prehistory.

Hey A+D, are you guys aware of this? Here's a video of Enrique performing their mash-up, "Stop Dragging My Hotel California" at DNA Lounge, seventeen years ago!

They called them "siamese songs" back then, apparently...

Also, this is going to prove to be a very expensive piece of paper. It turns out that the six little words "EXISTING LOT LINE TO BE REMOVED" are not cheap words to buy.

DNA Pizza has been open continuously since Monday night! We're "officially" starting 24/7 this coming Monday, since we may be closing briefly at some point this weekend, but after that, it's the new permanent plan.

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  1. Bootie Mashup says:

    Damn, I miss Enrique. LOVED that band. They had several "siamese songs," which tended to actually be more "medley" than "mashup," but still, definitely in the same clever spirit. Now if only they combined more of the vocals and instrumental of both songs AT THE SAME TIME, instead of mostly chopping up the parts one after the other, then it would be considered "proper mashup." Yeah yeah, I'm such an "A+B purist!" Still, there was a reason I always loved Enrique, and this video is a reminder of their clever musical reappropriation skills! - Adrian

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