12-Jul-2011 (Tue) Wherein good help is hard to find.

After two weeks of failing to fix our espresso machine, the repair guy found time in his busy schedule to stop by again today. This time what he had to say was: "This used espresso machine that you just spent $1,500 on is junk. What you ought to do is buy a used espresso machine from me for $2,500. Oh, it's not a La Marzocco, it's some model that nobody else uses. And it's bigger, so it will waste another foot of your bar. But I'll give you $400 for your machine that I don't know how to fix!"

We'll be going with someone else now.

More days down the drain.

5 Responses:

  1. tjic says:

    I think that before this guy got into the espresso business in SF he was a marketing consultant in Boston.

  2. Mike Biehn says:

    I was just talking about the machine with a friend earlier and then saw this post. The guy I was talking to suggested trying someone I will email you about in case it's the same person mentioned above.

  3. Federico Mena Quintero says:

    Are you aware of coffeegeek.com? You may be able to find a repairman in the forums.

  4. Havard says:

    Everything on the linea can be repaired or replaced by a monkey with a screwdriver and crescent wrench. La Marzocco will gladly send any random Joe pdfs of the repair manuals, so there's no excuse that this guy couldn't do it.

  5. Megabyte Mike says:

    Just checked the service label for the La Marzocco @ The Armory. Looks like it is serviced by Pacific Espresso. Sadly they are based out of Santa Cruz it seems. http://www.pacificespresso.com/

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