1-Jul-2011 (Fri)
Wherein we go wide-screen.

Check out the DNA Pizza site: I stitched together some photos of the dining room / poster gallery and put a scrolling, draggable 360° panorama on the front page. What do you think?

I'm not really sure what to do with that site, design-wise. I'm not very happy with it. On the other hand, it has the address, hours, menu, it doesn't auto-play music, and it doesn't make you download a PDF, which puts it miles ahead of every other restaurant web site in the world.

John and I spent a bunch of hours over the last few days improving the club's connectivity. It turns out that our wifi network is good enough now that a room full of people with iPhones were able to completely swamp our T1, and because we were never able to get traffic shaping to work properly under OpenBSD PF, that was killing the webcasts. So, we got a DSL line in addition to the T1 and shunted all of the wifi traffic off to that. Now phones can get 5mbps down, 1.7mbps up, which is pretty sweet.

Maybe we can ditch the T1 entirely and just use DSL for everything, but the last time I tried that (eleven years ago!) DSL was incapable of keeping up with a 24/7 video stream. Perhaps things are better now?

While testing our network changes, I was aghast to discover that the Justin.TV iPhone app, which used to be free, is now ten bucks! You must be kidding.

I guess it's time to find a different free video host. I know there are a bunch of them out there; which is your favorite? What I would like is: portable, embeddable Flash-based player; ability to watch the video for free on iPhone/Android; and the ability to feed it video from Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 rather than from some Flash app running in a browser window (because without that, it can't be made to run unattended.)

Our espresso machine still doesn't work. To no one's great surprise, when the repair guy says, "Should be Friday, or Monday at the latest", what he really means is, "Or, you know, two weeks longer than that, maybe three." Apparently in a city where literally thousands of these machines are in daily use, he has to order springs and gauges from halfway across the country.

"Don't tell me when it should be done, tell me when it will be done" is something we say a lot around here.

After two weeks of failing to fix our espresso machine, the repair guy found time in his busy schedule to stop by again today. This time what he had to say was: "This used espresso machine that you just spent $1,500 on is junk. What you ought to do is buy a used espresso machine from me for $2,500. Oh, it's not a La Marzocco, it's some model that nobody else uses. And it's bigger, so it will waste another foot of your bar. But I'll give you $400 for your machine that I don't know how to fix!"

We'll be going with someone else now.

More days down the drain.

This Wednesday, July 13th, was the tenth anniversary of the re-opening of DNA Lounge under the current regime. I can't believe I've been doing this for a decade!

(The 25th anniversary of the club itself, of course, was on DNA LOUNGE DAY: November 22, 2010. Have you bought your 25th Anniversary poster yet?)

Since Friday the 13th, July 2001:

Total events:   2,041
Total live shows:   729
Total bands:   1,858
Total djs:   2,048
Events per month, this year:   20.1
Live shows per month, this year:   8.9
Events per week, this year:   4.7
Live shows per week, this year:   2.1
21+ events this year:     41.5%
21+ events since 2001:   79.5%

If my calculations are correct, we've had about 1.04 million people through our door in that time. I guess that means we had our one millionth customer some time in mid-February, 2011. Maybe it was you.


I'm having a hard time accepting that number.

Some photos are up from last week:

Tonight: Trannyshack's Kylie Minogue tribute, with a look-alike contest!

Escrow closed this week, and we got our real liquor license for DNA Pizza ("On Sale Beer and Wine Eating Place"). We had been running on a temporary license during the escrow period, and that temporary license was about to expire this Thursday, so there was much rejoicing that the wheels of bureaucracy finally ground around before that happened.

Still no word on the espresso machine. If you know someone who will rent or loan us a working espresso machine (of any size or vintage) for a month or two, that would be extremely helpful... (Most people who lease them want multi-year commitments, but we just need a loaner while we sort this shit out.)

Photo galleries are up of Blue Flame, a hip hop showcase, and of the Hubba Hubba Revue mashup show at Bootie:


Also I've re-done the photo gallery index pages. Instead of a chronological textual list, now there's a little thumbnail for each gallery as well, and it flows to fill the whole window as you resize. What do you think?

I understand all the cool kids are switching from Facebook to Google+ now, so I went and added "+1" buttons everywhere I had "Like" buttons before.

Man, that shit is hideous. But we gotta do it.

I'm not sure how useful Google+ will be from a business point of view, since they seem to have no analogue of Facebook's "fan pages". So while we have a stub of a presence on Google+ via our "Google Places" entry, I guess, which lets people "check in" and whatnot, there doesn't seem to be any mechanism for a business to communicate to their customers. On Facebook, when I post something to the DNA Lounge page, everyone who has "Liked" us sees it in their feed, but as far as I can tell, there's nothing like that on Google+.

I also slapped an animation on the front page hyping our merch, because, hey, why not. Go buy some shirts or dog tags, ok? Yeah, it's the second decade of the Twenty-First Century and I'm still making anim-GIFs. That tech's got some legs.

Oh yeah! We won SFBG's Best of the Bay readers' poll again. This year, we won Best Overall Party Venue and Best Bar Staff, along with the lovely and talented promoters of our monthly parties, Bootie: "Best Overall Dance Party"; Trannyshack: "Best Drag Show"; and Hubba Hubba Revue: "Best Burlesque Show"!

That's almost our entire Friday and Saturday lineup, right there. Congratulations to all of the people who make these events happen, and thanks to all of your for voting!

Other DNA alumni who won include Suppositori Spelling: "Best Drag King or Queen", a fixture of both Trannyshack and Bootie's midnight mashup shows; and Natalie Nuxx: "Best DJ", who came in 3rd place in the Red Bull Thre3style DJ competition we had here in February; and occasional-DNA-party Bearracuda: "Best Overall Queer Party".

Like the card-girls at Hubba Hubba say, "Hooray"!

Photos of Hubba Hubba Revue: That Old Time Religion are up now.

And I'm amazed to discover that the Googlebot finally drove by on a day when there were not a bunch of delivery trucks parked out front of the club! This is the first time ever -- since Streetview came into existence -- that there was a shot of our building where you could actually see the building. I took a screen shot of this, because I'm guessing it won't last.

As you can see, they drove by on the day our logo was being painted. That was April 13.