13-Jun-2011 (Mon) Wherein we've got sandwiches, coffee, and a halfassed sign.

Wow, the comments on yesterday's post... I had honestly forgotten that any time I mention tipping, I am inviting responses from the Internet Spergelords who read Ayn Rand when they were 14 and never recovered from it.

That scene in Reservoir Dogs where Mr. Pink rants about tipping? You were supposed to think he was being an asshole. I think some of you might have read that one wrong.


I am sad to report that the Curse of the Sign has claimed yet another victim. Remember back in mid-April, when one panel of the DNA Pizza sign went up? Yeah, that's been pretty much the end of that. The guy who made that and was working on the remainder of it has pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth. Please do not die of non-shock.

So, we finally gave up on waiting and got some vinyl banners to hang over the half-finished sign:

I hate this, but it's better than nothing.

Meanwhile, DNA Pizza now has coffee and deli sandwiches!

We just got a real coffee brewer, shown on the left. And, even better, we just bought a real espresso machine. It hasn't arrived yet, but that's it on the right.

Once the espresso machine arrives, we're going to be open 24/7. If you're doing real coffee drinks, it's foolish not to be open by 6am to catch people on their way to work, and at that point -- given that we're open until 3am every night anyway -- we might as well just stay open. (Closing at 3am means staff are here until 4, and opening at 6 means staff gets here at 5, so at that point we're only talking about one additional hour of salaries...)

The risk here is that it will take months before enough people realize that we're open 24/7 and we'll be sitting empty a lot of the time.

For example, I have had my friends ask me, "when are you gonna start doing pizza deliveries?"

You know we do delivery, right? You know we've been doing delivery since the first week we were open, right?

I think a lot of you don't know that.

We've started running some ads, even though my assumption about advertising in dead-tree newspapers is that we'd do just as well by cutting out the middleman and just setting the money on fire.

17 Responses:

  1. Christiaan F. Botha says:

    All you need is a club that stays open until 6am and we are in business.

  2. Robert Chawner says:

    so, when are you going to open shop in Australia and show them how it's meant to be done? The clubs in Melbourne are like bodgy garages compared to yours.

  3. Jinx Aeris Caldera says:

    True. Then people could go home when public transportation became available again. >_>

  4. From working at a 24 hour donut place years ago, open 7x24 means your customers never have to wonder if you are open, which is worth something other hours as well.

  5. Devon Dossett says:

    I've been wondering re: Spergelord... is it a hard G like Berg, or a soft G like Surge?

  6. Brian Targonsky says:

    Uh, I did offer to make the entire sign. I actually complete my projects, strangely enough.

  7. Ariel Lski Wolansky says:

    Had a slice the other day. Damn goood!

  8. fantasygoat says:

    Only 83 check-ins on foresquare? I'd expect better from your lazyweb minions.

  9. Ben Brockert says:

    One "Brian Targonsky" suggests offense at your sign claims in the invisible-to-you FB comments over there.

  10. David Glasser says:

    Will there be food 24/7 or just coffee in the mornings? I sure hope so, the neighborhood could use more decent 24/7 food. (Definitely appreciated that you were open 2:30 AM Sunday night this weekend for a quick drunken slice!)

  11. Thomas Lord says:

    Breakfast pizza and single-serving breakfast calzones, yum.

  12. Renata Phillippi says:

    Much like Slimelight in London except they go till 7am when the underground opens again.

  13. Jamie Zawinski says:

    DNA Lounge has no set closing time. We always stay open as late as there are any significant number of customers here. Don't blame us, blame your going-home-early pals!

  14. Christiaan F. Botha says:

    It would be nice to get an all night party going perhaps something to look out for in the future. Closing at 2am is so lame or even 3 especially for younger clubbing crowds.

  15. David Ashby says:

    "sperg" is a back-formation from "Aspergers", so hard G I presume.

  16. Matthew Abaya says:

    Way cool!

  17. @ndy says:

    Why don't you rebrand as "Authentic Italian DNA Pizza Pie" and be open 22/7?

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