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May I particularly direct your attention toward "Best Overall Party Venue", "Best Overall Dance Party", "Best DJ", "Best Overall Bar", "Best Pizza", "Best New Restaurant", and "Best Late-Night Restaurant",

Also, photos are up of Hubba Hubba Revue: Wild Animals, Bootie, and Blue Flame.

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We're looking for a used espresso machine for DNA Pizza. Do you know someone who has one to sell?

Specifically we're looking for a "La Marzocco Linea 2-group AA". The "two group" part means that it has two steam wands instead of the more standard three. We want that because it's smaller, and we need the room. Unfortunately, those seem to be harder to find than the 3-group.

Photos of our first Mortified are up. That was a hilarious show, so many great stories! Just to pick one: one of the speakers, a white Jewish guy, told a story about his lifelong love with rap music, specifically Naughty by Nature, and shared some of his teenage rhymes with us. During this act I was standing next to Sam, DNA staffer and noted hip hop enthusiast, who commented, "Those are not the worst rhymes I've heard. In fact, those are not the worst rhymes I've heard on this stage in the last six months."

Afterward, we had the shortest turn-over ever to prepare for Blow Up. In about 15 minutes, our staff had loaded out a hundred chairs, set up a drum kit, and cleaned the floor. It was like a magic trick, it was really quite impressive. They did a great job.

"I will now accept your adoration for my mad cowbell skills."
Blow Up was a fun party. But it's strange, every time I look at these galleries I think, That party looks epic. I don't recall the party I was at being epic. Mostly I remember a bunch of dudes in baseball caps. Maybe I should start following the photographers around instead. They seem to be seeing a different party than I am. Don't get me wrong, I had fun... It just seemed like a different party than the one pictured.

Blow Up has a very young crowd: about half of them are between 18 and 21. Predictably, this means that we ring about half as much at the bar as we would on a comparable-sized over-21 party. But sadly, even those over 21 don't tip: while sales are half of what you'd expect, tips are closer to a third. Charitably, this is because even those who are over 21 are so new to this that they just don't understand how to behave yet.

One of our bartenders has taken it on himself to educate each and every one of them. Normally, bartenders want to move on to the next customer as quickly as possible, but he's decided that it's in everyone's best interest to take the time to personally lecture each and every person at Blow Up who doesn't tip him, hoping that the knowlege and/or guilt spreads. "Hey, so just so you know? In a bar? You tip. That's how I pay my rent."

I know I shouldn't find this so funny, but I really do. I'm always reminding staff to be nice to our customers, but sometimes, bad customers need a polite reminder that they're being jerks.

There are also a few photos of last week's Hipster Bootie, and of the final Roccopura.

Wow, the comments on yesterday's post... I had honestly forgotten that any time I mention tipping, I am inviting responses from the Internet Spergelords who read Ayn Rand when they were 14 and never recovered from it.

That scene in Reservoir Dogs where Mr. Pink rants about tipping? You were supposed to think he was being an asshole. I think some of you might have read that one wrong.


I am sad to report that the Curse of the Sign has claimed yet another victim. Remember back in mid-April, when one panel of the DNA Pizza sign went up? Yeah, that's been pretty much the end of that. The guy who made that and was working on the remainder of it has pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth. Please do not die of non-shock.

So, we finally gave up on waiting and got some vinyl banners to hang over the half-finished sign:

I hate this, but it's better than nothing.

Meanwhile, DNA Pizza now has coffee and deli sandwiches!

We just got a real coffee brewer, shown on the left. And, even better, we just bought a real espresso machine. It hasn't arrived yet, but that's it on the right.

Once the espresso machine arrives, we're going to be open 24/7. If you're doing real coffee drinks, it's foolish not to be open by 6am to catch people on their way to work, and at that point -- given that we're open until 3am every night anyway -- we might as well just stay open. (Closing at 3am means staff are here until 4, and opening at 6 means staff gets here at 5, so at that point we're only talking about one additional hour of salaries...)

The risk here is that it will take months before enough people realize that we're open 24/7 and we'll be sitting empty a lot of the time.

For example, I have had my friends ask me, "when are you gonna start doing pizza deliveries?"

You know we do delivery, right? You know we've been doing delivery since the first week we were open, right?

I think a lot of you don't know that.

We've started running some ads, even though my assumption about advertising in dead-tree newspapers is that we'd do just as well by cutting out the middleman and just setting the money on fire.

This video is one of those artifacts that makes me think, "Yup, this is my job. And that's ok."

It's been a busy month! This month's photo galleries:

Incidentally, there's been a slight calendar glitch, and Mortified will not be happening here in July, but it will continue monthly from August onward, every second Friday just before Blow Up.

I also went back and updated the photo galleries of the Drag King contests for 2010, 2009 and 2008 to include all of the video clips they've posted to Youtube over the years, to get you in the mood for this year's contest next month. (I'm not sure how I missed those the first time around.)

Check out their new promo video, with clips from last year:

Hey, we got some new stuff! Look at our stuff.

First there's the espresso machine. It arrived yesterday, and the service guy came out today and fixed a few things, but we're still waiting on a few parts, so it will probably be next week before it is pumping the magic. You were wondering what they look like inside, right?

Someone told Barry, with regards to buying a used espresso machine, "It's exactly like buying a motorcycle. If you haven't driven it yourself, assume it doesn't work and the the very first thing you have to do is take it to the shop." Given how much the interior of this thing looks like a Vespa, that makes perfect sense now.

The service manual is kind of adorable, though:

Also we have a coffee grinder. The espresso grinder is arriving in a few days. And a menu! Have you seen our giant, honkin' menu? Giant menu is giant.

And we got some new lights! Finally, ten years later, we have a real backline, so that the front of the stage and the back of the stage can be different colors without climing up on a ladder and re-gelling and re-aiming the par cans. Jeremy replaced eight of the pars with LEDs, that are independently addressable. Also, they run off of 110v instead of needing a dimmer pack, which is nice. I hope that someday, now that we live in the future, we can replace all of our lights with these things and not need dimmer packs any more, rendering that stupid transformer and its stupid 208v power obsolete.

I can dream.