26-Apr-2011 (Tue) Wherein signage (slow news day).

Jay got this great shot of the shadow of the new half-sign on the building yesterday, when the Stars Were Right. This is a nice effect that will no longer happen once the rest of the sign is up:

Also, some additional stylish interior signage is back from the printer:

6 Responses:

  1. Adolf Osborne says:

    Is that Mexican Coke that I see? Not New Coke, not Coke Classic, but actual fucking Coca-Cola?

  2. Adolf Osborne says:

    Dear sir -

    Thank you.

  3. Jason Heilig says:

    That turned out fantastic. Hopefully I'll be back in town soon to see it. Congrats.

  4. Leonardo Herrera says:

    I would trace that shadow and paint it.

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