13-Apr-2011 (Wed) Wherein the pizza roll-up door gets some character.

Check it out, the roll-up door on the pizza place is now properly branded! It looks a little yellow in the photos because the paint was still wet. It's much greener now.

This was hand-painted by the fine folks at New Bohemia Signs, who until a few days ago, were three doors down from us, on the corner at Brannan. (They've moved to 9th Street, and a tattoo shop has just moved in.)

13 Responses:

  1. Jim Sweeney says:

    I approve.

  2. Daniel Carrasco says:

    ahh!! i LOVE IT :D

  3. Erik Frykman says:

    DIGGIN' it... Congrats! :o)

  4. Gregory M Koch says:


  5. Terry Siddall says:

    Very cool...

  6. John Adams says:

    It's nice how they had a pre visualization of it and that the garage door makes a nice grid to draw on. It must have been much easier to hand-paint it!

  7. Matt Knopp says:

    Awesome. Any chance you're open right now?

  8. Rj Johnson says:

    Hand painted signage for the win!

  9. Jessica Beth says:


  10. Phil says:

    Hope you have a sniper on standby for the inevitable shitbag taggers that will mar that beautiful door. Can it be coated with anything to deter vandalism (or make it easier to clean)?

  11. Neil Girling says:


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