30-Mar-2011 (Wed) Wherein we hang out a second "Kick Me" sign.

Today we went down to the ABC office to fill out another enormous pile of paperwork. When we did this earlier this month, it was to begin the process of transferring the pizza place's beer-and-wine license to us. Today, we started the process of "transferring" DNA Lounge's liquor license on 375 Eleventh Street to cover both 371 and 375, which is one of the many steps involved in fully merging the two businesses.

So much paperwork. It took us like two and a half hours to get through it all, and we had filled out most of the forms before we got there.

The ABC offices, as you can see, combine the charm of the DMV with the comfort of a high school principal's office.

This trip resulted in a second window poster, pictured above. Nobody's going to understand what either of these mean, but we're required to post each of them for 30 days. We're also going to have to mail out letters to everyone who lives within 500'. Did you know that there are companies who do nothing but produce lists of addresses within a radius? It's a whole industry, because apparently people have to do these kinds of mailings all the time, and nobody wants to take the time to compile the list themselves. (You'd think you could just pull this out of Google Maps somehow...)

A more interesting poster situation is going on inside DNA Pizza: we're framing and hanging a bunch of posters from old shows at DNA Lounge. (You'd have seen this picture earlier today if you followed "dnapizza" on the Twitters or the Facebooks, which you oughta!)

These posters were previously hidden away, covering the walls in the DNA back office where very few people ever got to see them. They don't cover every show we've had here, just the ones for which we printed posters, which is a good portion of the live shows, I think.

Once we have them all up, it should pretty much fill both of the walls in the back half of the dining room! We're going to have to pack them much more tightly together than in these photos to make them all fit.

8 Responses:

  1. Jim Sweeney says:

    Mm! Beer & Wine Eating!

  2. Caroline Bokman says:

    This is what I worked on today: DNA Pizza decor. All the artwork completely changes the place, for the better! It doesn't look so institutional in there any more. All the posters are from shows that have been at DNA, and most of them are autographed, which is cool! Still a work in progress, but I knocked out a big chunk of getting frames and getting posters into frames today...

  3. Reddevil Guy says:

    Congrats on this.

  4. Peter Bishop says:

    I made a Facebook account just to leave a comment, but I forgot what I was going to say.

  5. John Adams says:

    wow, wow, and wow. Glad to see these posters up.

  6. Eric Bowersox says:

    Yeah, when I worked for Dash Carrier Services (a company providing enhanced 911 service to VoIP providers), we used one of those services that could provide all addresses at or near a specific location ("reverse geocoding") and also return the latitude and longitude for a given street address ("geocoding"). It was called "Envinsa," by Pitney Bowes (the postage meter people), and we talked to it through a SOAP interface.

  7. fantasygoat says:

    I've often wondered why government offices are such horrible places, since they don't have to be - a few years ago most of them up here were renovated to the point where, although still institutional white, they are at least pleasant to spend more than five minutes in.

  8. Colin Fahrion says:

    Yay for show posters! Makes me want to stop by DNA Pizza just for that

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