22-Mar-2011 (Tue) Wherein there's some more War on Fun news.

Here's a better article, including quotes from Dawn Holliday, Slim's manager:

Slim's Liquor License Temporarily Suspended Due to Neighbor Complaints

Holliday says Guenot can't even be certain that noise is actually coming from Slim's, and has recently begun complaining to police about another neighbor, the nightclub Butter. But the terms of Slim's liquor license have made it especially vulnerable to noise complaints. Holliday says that when seeking a permit for the club before its opening in 1988, she agreed to terms that no noise would be heard beyond the club's doors.

"There was nobody down here then," Holliday says.

Since 1999, after spending more than $100,000 on sound insulation, Slim's noise levels have been measured by officials from the San Francisco Entertainment Commission, and found to be in accordance with the city's noise ordinance, Holliday says.

That hasn't stopped the calls to police. Since 2007, when Guenot moved in, Holliday says she has spent more than $250,000 on legal fees battling charges from her neighbor that the club is too loud. "The outcome of this long siege has been that we did need to take the closure, the punishment," Holliday says.

Let's all take a moment to be filled with blinding rage, shall we?

Ok, moving on.

Here's an op-ed from Senator Leno about the legislation he's introducing to make everyone believe that infusions are still legal.

I phrase it that way because there is no way that under current law any sane person could think that infusions are actually illegal. This is a complete fantasy, a willful misreading of the statute by out-of-control ABC prosecutors. I wrote about this extensively back in February 2010.

It's bullshit. But, this legislation will make ABC STFU about it, I guess.

Oh, also, Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew is running for Mayor of Miami. How about that.

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  1. Noah says:

    A quick google search on Ms. Guenot turns up many interesting things, such as a letter to the board of directors of the pharma company where she was employed, demanding hers and the CEO's resignation; that letter actually accompanied a public filing with the SEC:


    She seems to piss people off wherever she goes.

  2. dave glasser says:

    I just called Supervisor Jane Kim at (415) 554-7970 and talked to her aide about how as a patron of Slim's and SOMA / District 6 resident, I'm appalled at the state's actions against this local business. The aide seemed somewhat sympathetic; I'm sure that other similar phone calls can't hurt. Not that this license was revoked by the city, but it can't hurt to tell the new supervisor how we feel about culture in our city.(I did make it clear that I am not actually connected to Slim's; I have no idea what approaches they are taking and wouldn't want to misrepresent myself.)

  3. DFB says:

    jwzblog bug news: The previous post with the same title and date is no longer accessible by URL.

  4. Oh, heh, I worked on an advertising account for that pharma company. (We still do some work for the product's new owners :))

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