12-Mar-2011 (Sat) Wherein DNA Radio gets an update.

Allow me to direct your attention to the Webcasts page, where we publish a streaming "radio station" (for lack of a better term) of random songs by many of the bands who have performed here.

I've recently gone through and updated it, just about doubling the number of bands represented. Give it a listen! It's, uh... eclectic.

Incidentally, anyone got a suggestion for a simple Flash-based MP3 player that I could embed on the webcast archives page? I need one that allows seeking in the stream. I just tried out five or six different ones, and none of them were able to seek properly on my URLs. (Seeking works fine in iTunes, so it's a player problem, not a server problem.)

16 Responses:

  1. James Hendrickson says:

    Is there a reason both of those links are password protected?

  2. Tyler says:

    You might be interested to know that wget can't download the *m3u files (403 Forbidden). Or you did it on purpose for some fucked up reason.

  3. Karl Shea says:

    Can't see the playlists, so I'm not sure what they are loading/what your server-side stuff looks like, but have you tried Flowlayer's RTMP plugin?We were able to get seeking to work well with it, and there are tons of options for playlists and stuff.

    • jwz says:

      It's Icecast, not RTMP. Icecast is basically just HTTP of an MP3 file with a few extra headers.

      • Luke Lathrop says:

        I am pretty sure that flowplayer will work for http streaming, but I haven't used it for an audio only file. It does work fine for video though, as does jwplayer. I use those all the time.

      • Karl Shea says:

        Ah alright... the problem with using any sort of Flash audio player then is that you need a Socket Policy File installed on your server to allow Flash to seek even for the just the Range header which is what iTunes is using to seek.As far as getting a Flash player that supports Range, I didn't see much. Flowplayer has a pseudostreaming plugin that supports Range byte requests, but then only seems to work with mp4 and flv, not mp3 files. And prior to Flash 10, that header could not be sent at all which is probably why there isn't much support for it yet.

        • Karl Shea says:

          And anyway, it looks like for mp3s Range just isn't supported at all, unless it's wrapped in an flv.Red5 for RMTP? Never installed it, so not sure how painful it would be. Probably not worth the pain just for seeking in a web browser.

  4. Jamie Zawinski says:

    Oops, wrong URL. Fixed.

  5. Adolf Osborne says:

    You will hate this suggestion, but:

    Subsonic's streaming stuff is handled, by default, by jwplayer (which is either open-source, or licensed, or both -- I can't tell. I certainly paid nothing for it.). I've been using the combination for months, streaming my MP3s locally and playing them in jwplayer under Flash with Firefox over http, and really don't have any complaints.

    I must say that as a particularly picky end user, this seems to work just fine. Seeking, too.

    I'll beat it up with a ruddy cellular (instead of local LAN) connection and report back, if you're interested at all.