16-Feb-2011 (Wed) Wherein the Empire Expands.

Hey, guess what, I just bought a pizza restaurant! You may have seen it. It's next door.

We just signed the escrow paperwork today. We should be taking over day-to-day operations some time in the next few weeks, once we're done inspecting the equipment and so on. It will take a quite a bit of time beyond that to get all of the permits transferred, but wheels are in motion.

Fear not: whatever else we do, we will always continue to sell pizza there, late into the night. Because not doing that would be crazy.

Initially, the pizza place and DNA Lounge will continue to be separate operations, but the long term goal (and, if you've been following along for any length of time, you know that anything involving permits is a "long term goal") is to do a lot merger so that the two rooms are technically one business. This will enable us to poke a door in the wall and operate the restaurant side of things as basically "room three" of DNA Lounge. To accomplish that, we'll need to alter our existing liquor license to cover both rooms. That will allow us to operate the pizza place as either a continuation of whatever event is happening in the big room, or as a bar with its own completely separate event in there.

One of the limitations of DNA Lounge has always been that it's hard to do small events here. It's a very big room, and hard to sub-divide, so it is hard to make it work for live music with fewer than a couple hundred attendees. Having a smaller room in which it is possible to do live music in the 40-60 attendance range will let us say "yes" to people a lot more often...

A close reading of the above will tell you that I'm going to be spending a lot of the next year talking to lawyers and sitting in hearing rooms.

I am reminded of the immortal words of Patrick Swayze in Point Break: "You're about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. How do you feel about that?"

24 Responses:

  1. Travis says:

    Is the quality of the pizza going to improve?I tried it once and I did not care for it.

  2. Good luck! I hope this helps with the restaurant/bar permit issues.

    Are the sliding doors behind the pizza ovens still there, and will you be using them?

  3. Michael Madfes says:

    what are you going to do with the space upstairs from the pizza place? Would you be interested in subleasing it for office/gallery space?

  4. Erbo says:

    I guess the restaurant/nightclub business really is like playing pinball...if you do it well enough, you get to do it again.

  5. Tyler Wagner says:

    You are a masochist. No doubt.

  6. Ryan Finnie says:

    Congrats. Funny enough, I just started a business today as well. Well actually, I accidentally started a business last year according to the IRS, but only found out about it this week. But I figured I'd roll with it, and as of today Velociraptor Aerospace Dynamics has a P.O. Box, and shall soon have a state business license which consists of a Notice of Exemption wherein they state I don't need a business license.

  7. fantasygoat says:

    You really are a masochist.

    • Ben Brockert says:

      I was thinking just that. There was a post just a bit ago how this was the first year where DNA Lounge wasn't as much trouble, which apparently prompted some kind of "find new trouble" instinct.

    • Bradley says:

      Looking forward to reading some new chapters in the DNA Permit Chronicles, now rivalling the great Icelandic sagas for length (not to mention bloodiness).

  8. bluknight says:

    I think someone from Star Trek said it best...

    "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?"

  9. Jim Sweeney says:

    I applaud this new acquisition of territory!

    So, when can I start submitting proposals for small-room events?

  10. Doug Broussard says:

    I, for one, welcome our new small pizza barroom overlords.

  11. Zachary Burt says:

    I hope you decide to offer a vegan pizza option.

  12. Trevor Hubbard says:

    It that place still open and serving pizza right now?

  13. Russell Borogove says:

    ...and now you have two problems!

  14. Noah Zoschke says:

    Awesome, I work on the same block. How about offering a good slice of white pizza there?

  15. Lloyd says:

    You just have to find a sufficiently virulent business plan, condense it into a three-ring binder — its DNA — xerox it, and embed it in the fertile lining of a well-traveled highway,Music, Movies, Microcode & High Speed Pizza Delivery You do deliver?Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise.

  16. Jeff says:

    Please, please have a "Carnivore Special", with at least Pepperoni, Sausage and Bacon as toppings. Make it easier for those of us that are proud to have climbed to the top of the food chain to order pizza.

  17. Jamie Zawinski says:

    Martin: yes, it's still open. There will be Continuity of Pizza.

  18. Jenni Bot says:


  19. Ryan Russell says:

    Well, altering your liquor license should go smoothly enough, so no problem there.

  20. Richard Gethin says:

    Best of luck!!!

  21. Kyle Williamson says:

    Wow.. I think you must hate yourself to punish yourself so much.

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