Photos are up of Saturday's Pop Roxx with My First Earthquake.

That was a fantastic party, thanks to everyone who came out! It was actually our third-best-attended Pop Roxx ever: not bad, for a party that hasn't happened for two and a half years... We may do it again some time.

2-Feb-2011 (Wed)
Wherein we pour a floor.

The pancake of festive layers that is our dance floor runs wall to wall and from the stage to the bar. But sadly, some parts of the edge where the floor and main bar meet had become soft and squishy after ten years of spilled drinks. We'd had enough with the spot-patching of it, and today we cut out the whole strip of wooden floor in front of the bar, out to a distance of about four feet, and poured new concrete there. The edge where the floor and concrete meet may become problematic someday, but I'm guessing that it won't get nearly as wet as it does right in front of the bar.

Here are some photos, because you know how I love the construction photos.

Also, this is good news:

Wiener proposes economic study on nightlife

His office has announced that at today's board meeting, Wiener will call for a study of the economic impacts of entertainment and nightlife in the city. "It's important that we understand the size and reach of this industry as we consider regulating it. Without this information, it's difficult to make informed decisions and to enact effective policies concerning entertainment and nightlife, which are a key part of San Francisco's cultural identity. Particularly as we attract more young people to San Francisco, as the biotech and other new economy industries grow here, we need to ensure that we are providing them with entertainment opportunities. Understanding the size and scope of entertainment and nightlife in the City will help us achieve that goal and help us remain a world-class city that attracts people here."

It sounds boring, but the fact that there has yet to be a serious economic impact study of San Francisco's nightlife has been a problem for our side in the past. For example, when someone makes an outrageous statement like claiming that that any possible economic benefit brought to the city by having nightclubs at all is outweighed by the cost of policing them, we don't have a solid number with which to counter that by showing that our number -- how much money nightlife brings to the city -- far outstrips theirs. The reason is that these kinds of studies are very expensive, so no nightclub or nightlife organization has been able to afford one yet. So for the City Controller to conduct the study for us is a good thing.

13-Feb-2011 (Sun)
Wherein we Blow Up.

Holy crap, what a weekend! Thursday got off to a relatively (only relatively!) mellow start with a packed room full of Black Metal Viking Enthusiasts for the Finntroll / Ensiferum show. We got an entertaining write-up: "The Finnish Metal Tour Brings a Hideous Therapy Session to DNA Lounge". (There are four photos in that article but I haven't seen any others.)

Then Friday was our first Blow Up, which was just crazy. I have rarely seen so universally enthusiastic an audience, especially at a dance party. Check out the photos and video!

Saturday: Bootie Valentine's Day. Not to be out-done, they had a line down to 10th Street by 10pm. Photos!

And tonight: the Parkway Drive show, which had already sold out by noon.

Not bad for early February!

16-Feb-2011 (Wed)
Wherein the Empire Expands.

Hey, guess what, I just bought a pizza restaurant! You may have seen it. It's next door.

We just signed the escrow paperwork today. We should be taking over day-to-day operations some time in the next few weeks, once we're done inspecting the equipment and so on. It will take a quite a bit of time beyond that to get all of the permits transferred, but wheels are in motion.

Fear not: whatever else we do, we will always continue to sell pizza there, late into the night. Because not doing that would be crazy.

Initially, the pizza place and DNA Lounge will continue to be separate operations, but the long term goal (and, if you've been following along for any length of time, you know that anything involving permits is a "long term goal") is to do a lot merger so that the two rooms are technically one business. This will enable us to poke a door in the wall and operate the restaurant side of things as basically "room three" of DNA Lounge. To accomplish that, we'll need to alter our existing liquor license to cover both rooms. That will allow us to operate the pizza place as either a continuation of whatever event is happening in the big room, or as a bar with its own completely separate event in there.

One of the limitations of DNA Lounge has always been that it's hard to do small events here. It's a very big room, and hard to sub-divide, so it is hard to make it work for live music with fewer than a couple hundred attendees. Having a smaller room in which it is possible to do live music in the 40-60 attendance range will let us say "yes" to people a lot more often...

A close reading of the above will tell you that I'm going to be spending a lot of the next year talking to lawyers and sitting in hearing rooms.

I am reminded of the immortal words of Patrick Swayze in Point Break: "You're about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. How do you feel about that?"


Here's a nice review of the Red Bull Thre3style DJ contest on Friday. Apparently that night "DNA Lounge" was also a "trending topic" on the Twitters! Plus a few photos, but surprisingly few, given how popular it was.

I'm sad to report that the March 5th edition of New Wave City will be their final event as a regular monthly at DNA Lounge. They will be doing a couple of events at Mezzanine, and then Mighty. They've been here a bit over eight years, and we're going to miss them!

You may be wondering what event will fill that vacated slot... that would be Bootie, which will now be weekly!

Also, about that pizza place. You may be wondering what's up with that. I know I am... Well it looks like we're going to be getting the keys on March 8th and open for business on March 9th -- yeah, next week! Maybe the 10th, but we're going to try our damndest to be selling pizza the day after we get the keys. Escrow doesn't close for a while after that, but we're talking over operation early, which means we'll be operating under a temporary liquor license pending the transfer of their Type 41 (all-ages beer-and-wine). I get to go get fingerprinted for that tomorrow. Then, in parallel to the transfer of the 41, we're starting on the whole lot-merger thing, which will eventually result in that room being covered by DNA's existing Type 47 (all-ages full-bar), but that process will probably take a year. Until the lot merger happens, we aren't allowed to poke doors in the walls.

Meanwhile. We need a sign. CUE THE NEW CURSE!

Turns out the guy who overcame the curse on the other sign has moved away, so I need to find someone else to make one for the pizza place. This should be easier, because there's already a sign frame there: we just need some new side panels fabricated to stick in it. Plus it's a lot smaller, only four feet square.

This is what I have in mind:

Same materials as the big sign: raw steel on wire mesh, backlit in green. The nice thing about this is that you'll actually be able to see it from down the street!

Any volunteers?

I've registered the somewhat-surprisingly-available (nothing there yet). I wanted as well, but the domain-squatting parasites who have that want $10,000 for it! I offered them $300 and they didn't reply. So, uh, good luck with that, guys.