13-Dec-2010 (Mon) Wherein Blow Up joins the fold.

We have a new monthly party joining us: starting on February 11th, Blow Up will be every second Friday at DNA Lounge! It's an 18+ electro party, and they have extensive photo galleries and videos on their blog for your evesdropping pleasure.

Remember back in June when the Guardian did a cover story on the most innovative local clubs, and three of the four profiled -- Bootie, Trannyshack and Bearracuda -- just happened to take place at DNA Lounge? Well, the fourth club profiled in that article was Blow Up, so now we've collected the entire set!

5 Responses:

  1. Lauren Wheeler says:

    This may help fill the hole in my heart left by the end of Pop Roxx.

  2. Christopher Marquez says:

    Well done DNA Booking.

  3. Mallory Mew Grogan says:

    YAAAY!! i'm excited for this :) Good job, Jamie!

  4. Jeffrey Paradise says:


  5. Jim Sweeney says:


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