9-Dec-2010 (Thu) Wherein there is weirdness, Imperial entanglements, and an unredaction.

First! The Travel Channel, of all places, just named Hubba Hubba Revue one of the top ten burlesque shows in the world. WTF? I mean, that's fantastic, but WTF? It's in their "Museums and Culture" section, which also features "Best Dinosaur Exhibits" and "Extreme Bathrooms".

Second! In case you ever asked yourself, "The Galactic Empire: was it fucking metal?" The answer is yes, it was fucking metal. Here's Epica covering the Imperial March:

Third! I wrote about this next story back in my heavily-redacted and fairly depressing 2008 year-end wrap-up, but you had no idea what I was talking about because 80% of the words were blacked out. But I now hold in my inbox a document showing that the case in question is settled, so at last it can be told:

Back in 2007, we let someone put on a rather repulsive event called "Chocolate Syrup Wrestling". The promoter came in, set up a kiddie pool, filled it with chocolate, and got a bunch of girls in bikinis to roll around. It was disgusting, but it seemed harmless enough. (There used to be photos of this on our web site, but I took them down because I was tired of the top 90% of the hits in our referer logs being from poop-oriented porn sites.) Even grosser than the show itself, though, is that the promoter filled his kiddie pool from big aluminum cans of syrup... and he apparently left one of the sharp metal lids from the can in the pool, and one of the girls cut her leg on it.

Now, not only did she cut her leg on it -- but she refused medical service, then had another cocktail, then got back in the syrup and wrestled again. So apparently it wasn't that big a deal to her at the time.

But several months later, she decided to sue us. Why sue us, and not the promoter, the guy who hired her and who personally (if indirectly) caused her injury? That's a very good question, and presumably has a lot to do with the fact that the promoter was A) her friend and B) broke.

Said promoter also "lost" the liability waiver he had all the wrestlers sign. How convenient.

So, almost four years later, after several depositions, after having won a non-binding arbitration, and just days before the scheduled court date, our lawyer finally reached a settlement, paying her $6,000 to just go away and stop wasting our time. Presumably her lawyer will take most of that.

So, "yay?"

Needless to say, for failing to take responsibility for his screw-up, Micah Byrnes and Blasthaus will never do another event here again.

6 Responses:

  1. David Ryland Scott Robinson says:

    And, hopefully, anywhere else.

  2. fantasygoat says:

    Isn't it fun being a business owner? The world would be a much better (and cheaper) place if everyone just had and made use of some basic common sense.

  3. TJIC says:

    $6k to settle some BS?

    Sounds about right.

    I'd say "welcome to running a small business", but I think you've been doing this for about a year longer than I have.

    So many times I wish the headaches would just go away so that I could do my job.

    ...and then I realize: dealing with the headaches is, apparently, 90% of the job.

  4. Dave Duchene says:

    I've attended events where the venue, the organizers, and the performers each required a separate waiver. At the time, that seemed a little ridiculous, but perhaps it would be in the DNA Lounges best interest to require its own waivers?

    Also, very glad to hear the matter was settled without too much blood spilt.

  5. Tom Sparks says:

    That lawsuit is basically what gives th e legal profession a bad name...
    Suing an essentially unrelated party for damages, wtf.

  6. Louis says:

    There are several more things in that month's update which you've redacted... are those story coming sometime in the future?Or should we ask Wikileaks for them?And, presumably now, you'd make the promoter sign his own waiver, and put that in a thick safe?

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