15-Nov-2010 (Mon) Wherein there are photos, and some flyers of the ancients.

Photos of the latest editions of Bohemian Carnival and the SFIEC Hair Show are up now.

Also, Jim English, one of the original owners of DNA Lounge back in 1985, sent me a bunch of flyers from their first few years of operation, so the flyer archive has expanded. (Look at those old Mac fonts!)

Don't forget that next weekend, Sat Nov 27, is our 25th Anniversary Party. Open bar for the first hour!

I'm in the process of putting together a slideshow of old photos and flyers to show that night, so now would be a good time to dig up any pre-1999 DNA flyers that you have so that I can include them. Surely you have a shoebox full of this kind of thing somewhere. Go! Dig! I need it.

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