Another batch of photos have slunk in -- more photos have been added to the Friday All Hallow's Eve gallery (scroll down), plus we've got photos of Saturday's Booootie, and Sunday's Trannyshack. Whew!

Also, it's not often that a wedding gets press, but this one did: Offbeat Bride: Sparkly and Bones's epic burlesque nightclub wedding.


Photos of the latest editions of Bohemian Carnival and the SFIEC Hair Show are up now.

Also, Jim English, one of the original owners of DNA Lounge back in 1985, sent me a bunch of flyers from their first few years of operation, so the flyer archive has expanded. (Look at those old Mac fonts!)

Don't forget that next weekend, Sat Nov 27, is our 25th Anniversary Party. Open bar for the first hour!

I'm in the process of putting together a slideshow of old photos and flyers to show that night, so now would be a good time to dig up any pre-1999 DNA flyers that you have so that I can include them. Surely you have a shoebox full of this kind of thing somewhere. Go! Dig! I need it.

Check out R. Black's latest creation, the poster for the DNA Lounge 25th Anniversary Party, next Saturday the 27th!

Nice poster, right? Ten bucks.

Check this out!

A "Proclamation" that November 22nd is DNA Lounge Day!

And a "Certificate of Honor" in recognition of our twenty-fifth anniversary:

So, that's pretty neat.

Happy DNA Lounge Day, everybody!

See you at the party this Saturday!

Tonight is the big 25th Anniversary Party! We hope to see you here. Come early for the open bar from 8pm to 9pm with special guest bartender, District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly and the musical stylings of DJ Brian Raffi, one of DNA Lounge's original owners!

Followed immediately by a 25-year mash-up retrospective from Bootie, and a midnight aerial performance by DNA Lounge's own Your Little Chernobyl.

Jim English, another of the original owners, sent me a bunch of photos taken within the first few weeks of the club's opening in 1985: check these out!

Photos are also up of last week's Watain and Hubba Hubba Revue shows.

Photos of our 25th Anniversary are up! Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a lot of fun. Some of these photos deserve commentary:

Check out those cupcakes! It turns out that you can't actually print on cupcakes like you can onto real cakes, so instead the cupcakes were topped with, basically, DNA Lounge communion wafers made of sugar.

I will stamp that logo on anything. All objects are improved by it, don't you think? This is the original DNA Lounge sign. We pulled it down in 2000 when we had to replace the front wall of the building for soundproofing, and it's been taking up space underneath the stage ever since. And now, back under the stage it goes to wait for the next time its services are needed.

Let that be a lesson to you: never throw anything away, you might be nostalgic for it some day.

People seem inordinately amused by the notion of District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly tending bar. So far that's gotten more press than our actual anniversary. Quite a few people showed up with their prized "DNA Lounge Black Cards", which were issued in the 80s and allowed free admission before 10pm. We still see those show up in line on occasion! Whether they work generally depends on the age of the the person working the front door and whether they have any idea what you're talking about.

We're going to hang the proclamations inside the ticket booth with our permits, so that when the ABC comes sniffing around demanding to see our papers, they'll be right there. "Oh, those old things? Those are just our proclamations from the mayor and Board of Supervisors naming a day after us. Sorry, the liquor license is behind those."