8-Oct-2010 (Fri) Wherein are noted some words of advice for young bartenders.

Chad Fred's blog is hilarious. I especially enjoy his advice for training barbacks, including:

4. Immediately let go anyone that can't cut fruit the way you showed them the first time. This is a strong indicator of their ability to take direction and pay attention. If you tell someone to score citrus, and they don't, chances are they are either not going to listen in the future or are mildly retarded.


9. Do everything possible to sabotage a friend of the owner who has no experience if they aren't immediately exceptional at the job. They only get worse with time.

As well as "Are you a real bartender?", "Guide to tipping out barbacks", and "What your drink says about you".

Also, the best twit of the week:

einmyers23 so i looked it up and the DNA lounge is usually used for raves and shit like that haha can you say dub step?!

I think "raves and shit like that" should be our new slogan. Or possibly just a drink special.

I've made some changes to the web site recently; the mini-photo-gallery on the front page cycles through photos now. Let me know if that looks wrong in your browser or on your phone. Also our Facebook page is all pretty-like now, and our automated wall posts have flyer images in them.

Tonight: "Steampunk: when goths spraypaint their New Rocks brown." Which is to say, tonight is the Abney Park show! Or, as the promoter's original flyer described it, "Swing Goth and Clockwork present The Ball of Cthulhu, a Monster Mash, featuring dance lessons, puppet show, and Abney Park (time permitting)."

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