3-Oct-2010 (Sun)
Wherein rockers rock out.

That's a photo of Dave Mustaine on the DNA Lounge stage playing Guitar Hero to a Megadeth song. I believe he scored 88.

Last month we had a press event for some new Activision games: "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock", "GoldenEye 007", and "Blood Stone". I just posted my photos of it. (I only just posted them because they were pretty secretive about the whole thing, and I kept forgetting to dig up the paperwork and find out what their actual embargo date was...)

It was a neat event. They spent two full days decorating the club and doing set-up. I think that's the first time we've had someone do a two day rental just to have extra time to decorate! It paid off though: they made the place look great. They brought in a bunch of couches, curtains and (of course) monitors and broke up the upstairs into cozy alcoves. I always enjoy it when someone puts the work in to transform this space.

One of the "venues" in the new Guitar Hero is CBGB's. But it's CBGB's from some alternate universe where instead of being a three-foot-wide hallway, it's bigger than the Warfield.

I wonder how we get DNA to be a venue in one of these games? We have a very nice logo -- and that's all they use, so we're set!

(You may recall that DNA Lounge was featured in the introductory video sequence to Guitar Hero competitor "SingStar Amped" back in 2007. We are available, as always, for all of your video game cut-scene needs.)

My favorite review of the event:

Nintendo World Report

Dave Mustaine, and/or the girl he was with smelled very nice. I know that sounds weird. All I know is I walked down a set of stairs behind them and something nasally pleasing wafted up to me.

People who enjoyed reading this blog post will also enjoy:

Ümloud! on Thu Dec 9, where you will be able to play Rock Band on our stage for charity. It was very entertaining last year, especially the costumes.

Chad Fred's blog is hilarious. I especially enjoy his advice for training barbacks, including:

4. Immediately let go anyone that can't cut fruit the way you showed them the first time. This is a strong indicator of their ability to take direction and pay attention. If you tell someone to score citrus, and they don't, chances are they are either not going to listen in the future or are mildly retarded.


9. Do everything possible to sabotage a friend of the owner who has no experience if they aren't immediately exceptional at the job. They only get worse with time.

As well as "Are you a real bartender?", "Guide to tipping out barbacks", and "What your drink says about you".

Also, the best twit of the week:

einmyers23 so i looked it up and the DNA lounge is usually used for raves and shit like that haha can you say dub step?!

I think "raves and shit like that" should be our new slogan. Or possibly just a drink special.

I've made some changes to the web site recently; the mini-photo-gallery on the front page cycles through photos now. Let me know if that looks wrong in your browser or on your phone. Also our Facebook page is all pretty-like now, and our automated wall posts have flyer images in them.

Tonight: "Steampunk: when goths spraypaint their New Rocks brown." Which is to say, tonight is the Abney Park show! Or, as the promoter's original flyer described it, "Swing Goth and Clockwork present The Ball of Cthulhu, a Monster Mash, featuring dance lessons, puppet show, and Abney Park (time permitting)."

We got a new lighting controller, a ChamSys MagicQ Maxi Wing. It's pretty sweet.

The device itself is basically a box full of faders, with a USB port and DMX output. All of the heavy lifting is software, which we have running on a Mac Mini with a touch-screen. (Which is as it should be: there's no reason for devices like this to be embedded systems. Let the custom hardware do what it's good at -- physical knobs and sliders -- and use real software on real computers for the rest.)

Also, it has an iPhone/iPad/Android interface, so you can control the lights while wandering around in the club!

I think it's a little cheesy that their "Mac port" of the software is really just the Linux version running under X11 instead of using native Mac controls, but it seems to get the job done.

Here's a goodbye message that Jeremy wrote for our outgoing Flying Pig Whole Hog 500 controller:

Good night sweet hog, for tonight is the last show I will use you on. Over the years, I've fingered your faders, pushed your buttons, and shared you with numerous traveling men and more than a few women, but that ends tonight, for I have found another, with more encoders, and a touch screen. Don't worry though, I will work hard to find you a new home, with someone who can caress you like I did in the beginning.

Personally, I have hated the Hog since the day we bought it. Apparently it was considered "the shit" at the time, but I found it impossible to use. I'd read the manual, figure out how to do what I wanted to do, and without fail that information was no longer in my brain 24 hours later. I just couldn't retain that knowledge. Its interface was so modal and so obscure, with completely unclear feedback as to what it expected and what was going on, that eventually I just gave up trying. So I say good riddance!

Oh, and it's for sale. Want it?

Also for sale is the new poster for this year's edition of the world famous DNA Lounge Halloween party, again designed by the fabulous R. Black. This fine poster can be yours for a measly ten bucks!

Supplies are limited...

17-Oct-2010 (Sun)
Wherein the photos are many.

Four new photo galleries are up now:

The wedding was epic. Sparkly is one of the Hubbas, so you know they can throw a party. When your wedding has two aerial acts, you're doing it right.

Don't miss her "Bridezillas" video, featuring the wedding party:

This brings us to a total of four actual weddings at DNA Lounge, plus four more wedding receptions. No bar mitzvahs yet, though.

As you are probably aware, there's an election coming up. DNA Lounge (and most of your favorite nightclubs) are in District 6, and as Chris Daly has reached his term limit, we will be getting a new Supervisor.

DNA Lounge is endorsing Debra Walker, Jim Meko and Theresa Sparks for the District 6 seat on the Board of Supervisors, and we encourage any of you who live in District 6 to vote for them. Since the election uses ranked-choice voting, you can vote for all three.

Specifically, we implore you to vote for anybody but Jane Kim.

(Which is to say, vote for the people you think are most likely to win, who are not named Jane Kim.)

She sounds good on paper, but in reality, a vote for Jane Kim is a vote for David Chiu. Until very recently, her endorsements page consisted mainly of a smiling picture of her and Chiu. They are apparently real-life best buds. Chiu, in case you haven't been paying attention, is the biggest enemy of nightlife we currently have in City Hall. He spent many months gunning to disband the Entertainment Commission (only reversing his position once he saw which way the political wind was blowing) and every time he makes a speech in public, he is still saying that "we have to do something about these clubs" because "people are getting shot at nightclubs once a month", which is demonstrably false. He keeps saying this in public even after having been called out on it, because that kind of "tough on crime" rhetoric is what sells. He was also strongly in favor of the (fortunately vetoed) alcohol tax, and is still flogging this idiotic "promoter permit" idea.

Kim has said and done nothing to suggest that she will do anything but vote in lock-step with him. Specifically, at CMAC's "meet the candidates" meeting, the other District 6 candidates seemed passionate and interested in nightlife issues, and Kim had only unconvincing platitudes. "David Chiu and I don't agree on everything!", she defended.

We believe that voting for Jane Kim will give David Chiu two votes in the Board of Supervisors, whereas, we would prefer for him to have zero. We do not believe that Kim will represent the needs of District 6's nightlife community.

Here are the Bay Guardian's endorsements. Aside from Chiu, you won't go too far wrong voting along with them.

Also: photos are up of Saturday's Bootie versus Hubba Hubba Revue Pirate Show. MC Cap'n Kingfish gave me this hilarious account from his point of view from the stage:

Adrian gave me a list of announcements to rattle off after our show was over, and after we, the cast, had handed out the box of freebie Bootie CDs. The announcements were blah blah this, and blah blah that, and now the show's over and you can come up and dance on the stage!


We were instantly swarmed! John-John hit the music at the exact perfect moment as I was making that last announcement, and the second it started the audience roared up both staircases, completely cutting off all the Hubbas on stage and trapping us up there. I literally saw a wide-eyed Comrade Tang disappear under a wave of people! Next, imagine trying to exit the stage with a group of barely-clothed burlesque-girls and one barely-clothed burlesque-boy while a hundred ravenous male and female versions of the "Night at the Roxbury" guys are all simultaneously and feverishly disco'ing right into you! We all sort of screamed like Ned Flanders. Totally awesome night.

That's just how we roll.

The fine folks at Ümloud are auctioning off the headliner slot for their Child's Play Rock Band charity event at DNA on December 9: the winning bidder's fake band gets professional photo and video shoots, a rockumentary, an album cover, a poster, VIP table service, and more.

Details here, bid now!

Booths! We've just had four more six-person booths installed on the balcony next to coat check. They look great. This means we'll be able to sell more table service packages each night; and when you reserve a table, it will always be a booth instead of some being booths and some being tables. Also that space was kind of bare and largely unused before, so the booths are a good use of that area.

Also, we're beginning to go paperless with our posters. The reason for this is that I think the mess of paper haphazardly taped to the walls looks pretty crappy. Originally I wanted to just get some frames into which the posters would go, but that has a whole bunch of stupid problems, not the least of which is that picture frames are actually kind of expensive.

So Devon spend a lot of time trying to figure out the easiest/cheapest way to make some kind of digital picture frame system work, and what we've settled on is a bunch of 20" HDMI monitors driven by a single AppleTV with a DVI-to-Cat6 splitter fanning out to the monitors. So far we only have one monitor installed, next to the men's room, but more will be installed in the coming weeks, and once those are up, we can finally stop taping things to the walls.

We decided to go with monitors instead of "digital picture frames" because pretty much all of the digital picture frames on the market suck in one way or another. Mostly they are tiny -- under 11" -- and if they aren't tiny, they cost as much as "real" monitors do anyway. Most of them aren't networked, or their networking support is highly halfassed, which would mean that to swap in this week's flyers would require having an employee walk around and physically change an SD card in each screen. Ugh.

Unfortunately, AppleTV is almost completely featureless. There doesn't appear to be any way to have it display a slideshow from an RSS feed, for example; it can talk to Flickr, but that's it. I guess I'll either have to upload our current crop of flyers to Flickr and do it that way (which annoys me, because why should I have to depend on some server out on the net rather than just pointing it at my own server inside the building?), or I'll have to jailbreak it and write some code.

We've got quite a lot of epic epicness coming up in the next couple of months. Allow me to hit the highlights for you, starting with Halloween Weekend:


    The weekend gets off to a start with a party thrown by several SFSU student organizations, featuring live bands and a costume contest.

    The headliner is Fans of Jimmy Century, who have played here several times before in their previous incarnation of Simon Stinger. I liked them a lot, and they put on a great, theatrical show.


    The world-famous DNA Lounge Halloween party!

    This is actually our twelfth Halloween party, since for a while there we were celebrating Halloween in both October and April. In the main room we have Dr. Kingfish's costume contest, plus the usual Meat and Death Guild suspects. In the lounge we have a a gaggle of burlesque acts in, which should be, let's say, "intimate"! Tassles will likely be all up in your business and invading your personal space.

    Look at this fucking poster. How much do you want this badass fucking artwork for your fucking wall? Holy fuck. Look at those ribs. You know you want to buy the living shit out of that. It's only ten fucking dollars. How is that even possible? I don't even know.


    Halloween Booootie! Bootie will also include a costume contest, so you'd better have two ready to go. If you don't, maybe you should head down to Girls's Costume Warehouse right now.

    Let it be known that the Booootie Halloween poster is also on sale now! It is likewise a measly ten bucks, and a bargain at any price.

Sunday, Halloween proper:

    Trannyshack brings it home, with costume contest number four, their always-hilarious drag show, and Julie Brown!


Five consecutive Halloween events? I think this weekend might actually kill our staff dead.

Ok, moving on to next month:

Sat, Nov 27:

    Mark your calendars, because at November's third Bootie, we will be celebrating DNA Lounge's 25th Anniversary!

    That's right, DNA Lounge has now been open for a quarter of a century. Whoa.

    We will be starting the festivities an hour early, with an open bar from 8pm to 9pm. Our DJ for this hour will be Brian Raffi, DNA Lounge's original owner! Brian and his partners Jim English and Jeff Mason opened this club in 1985, so there is no more appropriate DJ, right?

    We're still working out the rest of the details, but I think it's safe to say that the genre of mash-ups lends itself quite well to a 1985-2010 retrospective...

New Year's Eve:

    And last but most assuredly not least, our New Year's Eve party this year will be brought to you by Trannyshack! And it's only $20. A twenty dollar New Year's Eve party? That's crazy talk. I'd buy tickets now if I were you, that may go up.

By the way, if your company is getting a late start on planning your annual holiday party, we do still have some open dates in November and December. Surely you'd rather have it here, than in the cafeteria. We can make this happen.

The first batch of photos from last night's Halloween party are up! It was amazing. If you have more, please send them!

If you are planning on coming to Halloween Booootie tonight, it would behoove you to buy advance tickets and/or get there early, as it is looking like it may sell out.