30-Jul-2010 (Fri) Wherein we are the best! And the prohibitionists are back.

We won SFBG's Best of the Bay readers' poll again for Best Dance Club! Go us, and thanks to all of you who voted! Other DNA Lounge regulars who won included Bearracuda ("Best Club for Queer Men"), Trannyshack ("Best Drag Show"), Twilight Vixen Revue ("Best Burlesque Act"), and Whore for Satan ("Best Whore for Satan").

That's three years in a row for that one! Though in 2006 and 2007, they gave "Best Dance Club" to Bootie, so I guess it's five years if you squint just right?

In less pleasant news (...I use that segue a lot, don't I?) noted prohibitionist shitbags The Marin Institute are making another unsurprising attempt at raping the nightlife industry.

If just hearing their name doesn't fill you with anger, please go read my post about them from last May for background. I'll wait.

Since The Marin Institute's proposed solution to everything is "raise alcohol taxes" (I'm sure that's how they think we should pay for the BP spill, too) it shouldn't shock you that they're trying to tax alcohol again, this time locally to San Francisco. And, hilariously enough, they are trying to organize a "youth rally" at City Hall in favor of their fundamentalist prohibitionism. Yeah, good luck with that. I recommend you show up and heckle.

Also, please vote Supervisors Avalos, Maxwell and Mirkarimi out of office at your earliest convenience. If this nonsense passes, it will cost us around $20k/year. Hey, here's a great idea during a recession: let's completely fuck local small business owners! That's a capital idea.

The people behind The Marin Institute are opposed to alcohol, period. They try to dress up each of their proposed taxes in pretty words to convince the gullible that it will help people, but all it will do is put bars out of business -- which is exactly, and only, their goal.

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