8-Jun-2010 (Tue) Wherein the glorious branding continues, and we hit four digits.

We got a some new gobos for the Studio Spots. Check this sweet shit out. I didn't realize the actual filters were so small! Like the other images in the lights, these rotate and change colors, so you'll see our lovely logo crawling across everything in the future.

A bunch of photos and videos have gone up since I last enumerated them:

Hubba Hubba: The Seventies and The Caveman Show, School of Rock, Hypocrisy, Bootie Prom, Hanzel und Gretyl, Chemlab + 16 Volt, Red Bull Big Tune and New Wave City.

And, an item of numerological interest: on this Sunday, June 13, our 999th band will be performing (counting from our re-opening in 2001). That band is Pistols For Jesus, who are going on last at Battle of the Bands.

That means the 1,000th band will be Uberbyte, the opening band at the Nachtmahr show next Thursday, June 17.

Congratulations callers, phone lines are now closed.

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  1. i_e_d says:

    Don't forget they make a lovely subliminal branding effect if you throw them out of focus, would be great for a breakout pattern across stage I'm sure.

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