We got a some new gobos for the Studio Spots. Check this sweet shit out. I didn't realize the actual filters were so small! Like the other images in the lights, these rotate and change colors, so you'll see our lovely logo crawling across everything in the future.

A bunch of photos and videos have gone up since I last enumerated them:

Hubba Hubba: The Seventies and The Caveman Show, School of Rock, Hypocrisy, Bootie Prom, Hanzel und Gretyl, Chemlab + 16 Volt, Red Bull Big Tune and New Wave City.

And, an item of numerological interest: on this Sunday, June 13, our 999th band will be performing (counting from our re-opening in 2001). That band is Pistols For Jesus, who are going on last at Battle of the Bands.

That means the 1,000th band will be Uberbyte, the opening band at the Nachtmahr show next Thursday, June 17.

Congratulations callers, phone lines are now closed.

Check out this week's SF Bay Guardian cover story, Parties Without Borders.

It's a long profile of several local club nights that also have out-of-town franchises, and it turns out that three of the four profiled -- Bootie, Trannyshack and Bearracuda -- are DNA Lounge regulars. That's because we're just that awesome.

Voting. Again? Really? Yeah, really. Wouldn't it be convenient if all the local rags would do their polls at the same time? Anyway, voting is now open in the SF Bay Guardian's Best of the Bay readers poll, so please go vote for DNA Lounge and DNA Lounge-related people and events. May I particularly direct your attention toward "Best Bar", "Best Bar Staff", "Best Dance Club", "Best Rock Club", "Best Drag Show", and "Best Burlesque Act".

I've made some substantial structural changes to the DNA Lounge web site to make it be more usable on iPhones and the like. Please let me know if I've screwed anything up.

Things should look basically the same as before when you look at these pages on a real computer; however, on phones, the fonts should all be of a readable size now, and you shouldn't ever have to pan left and right. Basically you shouldn't ever be seeing a font that is smaller than the font used for the clock in the menubar at the top of the iPhone screen.

(The site's top-level page is an exception to that; it's still kind of a mess. As is the calendar. But the other pages on the site should all be a lot more usable on phones now.)

In addition to bug reports, I'm also open to design suggestions. I'm not completely satisfied with how it looks on phones now, but it's certainly better than before.

One improvement that affects desktops too is that all the photo galleries and flyers will auto-size to fit in your window, if the window is smaller than the image.

And speaking of galleries, there are several new photo galleries since last time: Pestilence, Battle of the Bands, Nachtmahr, Hubba Hubba, and William Control.

Photos and videos of Bootie's Lady Gaga vs. Madonna party are up now.

Also, I think I've finished converting the web site to work on iPhones and other small screens. The top-level page, calendar, photo gallery indexes and the store should all be readable on your phone now without needing to zoom and pan around.

Let me know if you find any pages on the site that I missed, or that still seem hard to use on a phone.

It probably all works horribly in IE 6, but then so does the rest of the web.

My log files for last month seem to show this breakdown, after omitting bots and small numbers: 45% Firefox, 30% Safari, 25% MSIE (breaking down as 14% MSIE 8, 8% MSIE 7, 3% MSIE 6.) So, yeah, I'm not gonna lose any sleep over that one.

Wikipedia says these numbers are unusual. Huh.