12-Apr-2010 (Mon) Wherein the scapegoating continues apace.

There was another murder this weekend, and as usual, the press is blaming nightclubs for it with no evidence that the clubs were involved in any way. The headline always reads, "shooting near nightclub". It never reads "shooting near restaurant", "shooting near parking lot", "shooting near condominium", or "shooting near freeway overpass." Maybe if we got rid of restaurants, parking lots, condominiums and freeways, the city would at last be crime-free.

SFist puts it nicely:

Nightclub Scapegoating Runs Rampant After Weekend Shooting

Ever since Blair Henderson was shot and killed near the intersection of Second and Minna Streets on Sunday, the media's assault on nightlife spiked to hysterical proportions. Again. [...]

Fire Division Chief Mike Kearney described a pair of masked gunmen spraying fire at paramedics and bystanders alike; "Basically, we became part of the scene. There was shooting all over the place," he said.

How Club NV (at 525 Howard), 111 Minna or Dada (also near Second and Minna) could have helped prevent this shocking round of public gunfire is beyond us.

The first comment on SF Weekly's blog post about the shooting is from the deceased's sister. She says:

This isn't just "another night club shooting". This is a shooting that has happened on the streets of San Francisco, and most likely a death to an illegal possession of a gun. We need to stop linking these murders to night clubs, and work on getting guns off the streets, and out of the hands of evil entities.

Remember when this was a blog about running a nightclub, instead of about city politics? I miss that.

2 Responses:

  1. bifrosty2k says:

    Wouldn't it be nice if the city politicians worked for us instead of the other way around?

    There's one supe working for something I am interested in (fixing muni) but otherwise the other ones are busy patting themselves on the back and making it easier for crackheads to shit on sidewalks in the TL. Unfortunately he's also involved in some weirdness with some tinfoilhatters about cell antennae...

    I have no doubt that the availability of air to criminals has something to do with the shooting, so we should really work on the ability to restrict criminals from air. I suspect we'll see a ballot measure for it and millions of dollars spent on advertising...

  2. lloydwood says:

    Don't just moan about the political process. Change it.

    (captcha: trip drollest)

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