17-Feb-2010 (Wed) Wherein we have photos, also, robots.

Photos and videos are up of the EFF's 20th Birthday party, as well as some earlier galleries that I forgot to mention of the Abney Park and Kid Beyond shows.

You're coming down tonight and/or tomorrow for the ROBOT BARTENDERS, right? It should be hilarious. Here's a video of them debugging one of the robots earlier today.

The Enrichment Center promises to always provide a safe drinking environment. In dangerous drinking environments, the Enrichment Center promises to always provide useful advice. For instance: due to scheduled maintenance, one of the barbots was unavailable, and has been replaced with a live-fire military android. Try to avoid it.

11 Responses:

  1. strspn says:

    Dear jwz:

    Assume, for the sake of discussion, that you had the ability to control a major media outlet's general exemplars of music videos. Would you pick your own preferences or would you try to compromise your values with what you think the audience would want?

    Why is the captcha always so awesome? Have I been in the matrix for a whole decade?


    • jwz says:

      Your question is nonsensical without some explanation of what kind of benefit there is to me for a compromise of values.

  2. sc00ter says:

    Nice, Adam Savage. Saw him talk at The Amazing Meeting 7 in Vegas. Every bit as nice as one would expect.

  3. supersat says:

    Here, I fixed it for you: "... replaced by a live-fire SFPD android."

    I would also not be surprised if robotic bartenders were somehow prohibited by some obscure ABC regulation.

  4. crasch says:

    Nice to meet you at Barbot. Here's that pastry and sausage bot I was telling you about:


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