I think that from now on, all of our drink specials should be based on internet memes.

The Ümloud event is pretty entertaining, but man, 150+ nerds all trying to surf the web on their iPhones sure does kill our wireless network but good. We've just got some cheap DLink thing. Anyone want to donate to us a wireless router that can handle somewhat more industrial capacities?

Also, some photos are up of Marduk and Nachtmystium.

This week's Pollstar has a good article on recent goings-on:

SF's `War On Fun'

Siegan [of Red Devil Lounge] said he was cited for violating a condition of his license that forbids any sound to emanate from the inside of his building, regardless of a citywide noise ordinance that establishes a legal decibel ceiling.

"We have a condition on our license that says we may not have `any sound audible beyond the area under control of the licensee.'" Seigan said. [...] But the bottom line means that virtually any sound that leaks out of this venue apparently makes us in violation of our ABC license," Siegan explained.

Attorney John Hinman confirmed the condition of the Red Devil Lounge's license means that if a passerby can put his ear to the door and hear music, it would constitute a violation.

He explained that one music venue client was told that to comply with a Type 47 license - an all-ages, bona fide eating place - a condition would be that every seat must have a "a plate, knife, fork and water glass for every customer. In a theatre, no less."

Hinman declined to name the venue with the formal place setting requirements but said he represented many owners who didn't want to be "targeted" by being identified.

"The venue operators in this state are terrified. You've got a regulatory agency in this state that is running a jihad against them," Hinman said.

"They've been out in full force. They've been in to [Slim's] twice in the last week," Holliday said. "They didn't do anything to us, but they cited the [venue] across the street because the audience wasn't leaving fast enough.

"They gave [the owner] a citation for that. Give me a break. It was 1:45 a.m. and people weren't leaving fast enough," Holliday said.

Undignified though it is, this is the part where I again remind you to please donate to our Legal Defense Fund to make it easier for us to get through the twenty-five days in January when the ABC is forcing us to close, because one of their undercover agents saw "lewd behavior" at an over-21 gay event.

In (it bears repeating) San Francisco.

In more pleasant news, photos and videos of Ümloud, last week's charity Rock Band event, are up now. I wasn't expecting so many of the faux-bands to actually dress up! That was awesome.

It would have been hilariously circular if one of the games being played was the Rock Band predecessor game "SingStar Amped", because the intro sequence to that game was actually filmed at DNA Lounge in 2007, but alas, it was not to be.

DNA Lounge is available for all of your video game cut-scene needs.

Check this out, apparently a water main break opened up a sinkhole and is trying to swallow our corner of SOMA!

The flood didn't reach quite as far as DNA Lounge, so we are still open tonight. I understand that some day a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets. But today is not that day.

Also, photos and videos of Eyehategod and Stormcrow have surfaced.

And! The nicest thing happened the other day. My staff reported to me that they had actually caught a tagger in the act of scribbling all over our men's room! In thanks for the hundreds of dollars of damage this particular shitbag did to our property, we had him arrested and hauled off to jail. Oh, what a beautiful moment. It's like Christmas came early. After all the money we've had to spend over the years cleaning up after these pathetic vandals, it's so great to finally make one pay. My understanding is that the next step is that now we have to call the DA's office and beg and plead with them to actually press charges. Failing that, we can sue in small-claims court. That's a pain in the ass and probably not strictly financially worth it, but I'm inclined to do so anyway just on general principle.

Lots of photos!

Galleries are up of Bootie, Meat's Santa Pig, Hubba Hubba Revue's Chrismanukkah, and Trannyshack's 11th Annual Star Search Competition.

And after the upcoming Death Guild this Friday, you can finally throw that fuzzy red hat in the wash. It's time.

Counting tonight, there are only seven events left before we are forced to close down for most of January... So come get your DNA fix in now!

Remember: if you're planning on coming to Bootie at DNA Lounge on New Year's Eve, order your tickets soon! We are doing pre-sales only this year, and the price goes up from $50 to $60 on Monday (or as soon as this batch of $50 tickets sells out).

31-Dec-2009 (Thu)
Wherein we get ready to pop.

Now that's a whole lot of balloons.

We hope to see you all starting in two hours! Don't forget your tickets!