25-Nov-2009 (Wed) Wherein this battle station is now fully operational.

Photos and videos are now up of the Miss Hubba Hubba Pageant (wherein they wisely let the Wookie win) and of Villainy, with an appearance by the 501st Legion. This was the first time I had ever seen an Ewok gogo dancer, but perhaps I don't get out enough. I was surprised at how many people dressed up! It was very entertaining.

Also, tonight we've got a metal band called Vader playing. There seems to be something Imperial in the air of late.

Don't forget to come out to Meat tomorrow to continue gorging yourself on BBQ after your Thanksgiving dinner!

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  1. 0ntological says:

    tee hee!
    Villainy looks like fun. I was too busy studying, but I wanted to be there. :(
    I absolutely LOVE the picture netik took of me from my performance. I look scary, and it somehow made my muscles look twice as big as they really are.

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