4-Nov-2009 (Wed) Wherein it's spoooooky.

Photos are up of our ninth annual All Hallow's Eve party! It was fantastic, Halloween parties being one of the things we're actually good at around here. My photos aren't great because I was wearing a costume that required sunglasses, but one must suffer for fashion. Or something.

Pictured here: the winner of the costume contest, Giant Cardboard Box Robot Guy.

(The following night was the Booootie Halloween party, but I don't have any photos of that, because I didn't shoot it. You may have noticed that I almost never have Bootie photos in the gallery. I see people at Bootie with cameras all the time, but nobody ever sends me their photos.)

7 Responses:

  1. aris1234 says:

    How do you ID people in fancy dress ? :-)

  2. biggeek says:

    Missed attending it as a zombie due to a badly sprained ankle that the doc told me to stay off of...Even though, ironically, the injury gave the a better zombie walk than I could ever pulled off uninjured.

    Probably for the best, though. I would have dry-humped Ripley's leg for the chance to hold that $300 "Aliens" M41A pulse rifle replica.

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