21-Oct-2009 (Wed) Wherein we meet the Board of Supervisors.

Folks, I have to share with you these photos I came across of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors... of the year eighteen hundred and ninety-nine:

Are they a dapper bunch, or what? And we had "Wards" back then!

Speaking of the Board of Supervisors, you will be coming to meet our current batch at the hearing on the Entertainment Commission, yes? That's Monday, October 26 at 1PM, City Hall room 263! RSVP on Facebook.

I also stumbled across a fire insurance map of the vicinity of DNA Lounge from 1900. The Ancient History page has been duly updated. Our neighbors at the time included a brewery, a piano-finishing shop and two pork-packing and lard-rendering operations! Pretty much the same as today, really.

2 Responses:

  1. edlang says:

    "Edward"s were in.

  2. mysterc says:

    "How come you aint got no brothers on the wall?"

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