25-Sep-2009 (Fri) Wherein we take out the trash.

Now that the kiosks are gone, I took a pass through my office and hauled out all the computers that are no longer needed in their absence. There were a lot! I think there must be at least 15 more-or-less complete PCs in the pile, plus at least that many extra power supplies of unknown vintage. Dozens of crystal trackballs, maybe half of which are fully functional. Probably two dozen PS2 keyboards, half of them brand new and in the box. Piles and piles and piles of cables. Video cards. Hubs. All of it dusty.

A lot of this stuff is in working order, but it's almost all more than three years old, which makes it completely obsolete. Some of it might be worth money, but it's certainly not worth my time to sit down and plug it all in and figure out what still works and what doesn't, so I guess we're just going to try and get some computer recycling place to come and haul it all away.

If you want any of this crap, come get it.

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