6-Sep-2009 (Sun) Wherein the new shirts are here!

We got a new batch of t-shirts in, and the "Save DNA Lounge" t-shirts are now available in sizes S through XXL (previously we only had them in M through XL).

Also, a couple of last-minute calendar updates:

2 Responses:

  1. ppezaris says:

    Jamie, I'd like to suggest that perhaps you'd get more people to buy your products if the shopping cart functionality was a little more up to the expectations of a 2009 web world. I'm not talking ajaxy web2.0 wankery, but just basic functionality that should work.

    - once I selected a shirt there was no way to "continue shopping" to, for example, add a sticker to my cart
    - when I did click back ("oh crap is that going to screw up my cart?") to check out the stickers, once I decided against them I'm in a dead-end. No way to find my shopping cart again, nor proceed to checkout

    There are a bunch of other smaller issues, but I'd wager that your sales would increase if you fixed those two at least.

  2. ultranurd says:

    No idea if it will help getting the word out in our fair Mooninite-fearing city of Boston, but I ordered one.

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