11-Aug-2009 (Tue) Wherein the camera goes click, and it's last call for kiosks.

A few new photo galleries have gone up since the last time I mentioned them: Pentagram, Baxtalo Drom, 16 Volt, Hubba Hubba, Rocky Horror, Bohemian Carnival, Meat, GDGT, Hex Rx, and a bunch of Death Guilds.

By the way, it may seem early, but now is the time of year when you should start thinking about reserving a date to have your company's holiday party at DNA Lounge. Wouldn't you rather have it here, than in the cafeteria? Sure you would. Spread the word to those who arrange such things!

Last month I mentioned that I was pondering the retirement of the kiosks.

Based on the prevalence of cell phones with usable web browsers, I think that dismantling the kiosks right now might be slightly premature, but it will definitely be time in a year or two. If there was someone who was excited enough about them to put some work in to making them slump along for another year or so, that would be nice.

But, the public has spoken with a collective "meh."

So we'll probably tear them out some time in the next week or two, failing some last-minute public outcry that is also accompanied by offers of help that don't sound like they will take up more of my time than they will save.


Anyone want to buy some nine-year-old 15" LCD monitors? Nah, I didn't think so.

2 Responses:

  1. solarbird says:

    Anyone want to buy some nine-year-old 15" LCD monitors?
    Maybe, assuming they still work okay. Depends upon the price.

    (Of course, I'd pay shipping to get a couple up here, but.)

  2. mc_kingfish says:

    People who rent cool venues like DNA for their company office parties should also hire Hubba Hubba Revue to do a variety show for 'em --with the comedy, and the joking, and the song & the dance. Oh Lady.

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