29-Jul-2009 (Wed) Wherein the voice of the people is duly noted.

DNA Lounge again won Best Dance Club in the SFBG Best of the Bay Readers Poll! Thanks to all of you who voted!

Bootie is represented by votes for Best Cover Band: Smash-Up Derby; and Best Electronic Music Act: DJ Earworm.

Death Guild was awarded "Best Darkest Kiss" (um, what?) in the "Editors Picks: Classics" section: "Remember those freaky goth kids your church leaders warned you against in high school?" yadda yadda...

Vote-winning Hubba Hubba Revue regulars include: Best Burlesque Act: Twilight Vixen Revue; Best Tassels with Talent: Rose Pistola; Best Singer-Songwriter: Kitten on the Keys; and Best Lindy Hop to Lil' Wayne: Swing Goth.

Congratulations, everybody!

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  1. thargol says:

    Best Lindy Hop to Lil' Wayne

    I feel no shame in admitting that I had to resort to Google to find out what either of those terms were...

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