27-Apr-2009 (Mon) Wherein a piano walks into a bar, and...

Photos are now up of Hubba Hubba Revue, Caroline & Mole's wedding, and of a last-minute free show we had this Saturday, a piano performance by Eric Lewis.

He was incredible. My friend Cyan messaged me the night before looking for a venue for him to play a free show, and we managed to put it together at the last minute. The tricky part was, we had to fit a piano through our front door, which I wouldn't have thought was possible, since there are two turns in that hallway. But, once they took the legs off, it went right in!

Check out this video of his performance at TED. Apparently he's playing at the White House in a few weeks.

We tried to bill this show as a fundraiser for the legal defense fund, but, uh, let's just say that didn't really work out so well.

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  1. 0ntological says:

    Eric Lewis was amazing.

  2. djmermaid says:

    I *really* wanted to go to this, but by the time I heard about it, we'd already made plans to be elsewhere.

    throw yourself a proper benefit, with some advance notice and I bet you'll pack the place to the rafters!

    • jwz says:

      We have basically zero ability (or time) to promote events ourselves. That's why we work with outside promoters: they throw the parties, we run the bar and security. And none of them are volunteering. "Throw a proper benefit" is far, far easier said than done.

  3. dasht says:

    I found him via Ted before he showed up at DNA and now I am sad I did not notice he'd be there at DNA - that'd have been a "must go".

    The really, really greats - like this guy - wind up with these outrageously large "vocabularies" of gestures upon their instruments and then when they start saying stuff in that language it's just ... well, you saw it and I don't know any good enough word.

    Patzer musicians like me who never practice enough or never practice well enough get a set of "tricks" so we can play various things but these good players - the instrument just becomes part of the nervous system and muscle system. They own the thing like they own their own body. They are thinking in higher-level abstractions, making smart music, and the actual playing just flows. They breath through it. They gesticulate through it. They ache through it. It's the conversion of a piano into an aspect of a human. Gah! I can't be corny enough to do it justice (good effort though, yeah?).

    I always wanted software to admit that kind of craft and I still do but it's not there yet. Just little flashes and hints of the possibility when you see someone's beautiful hack.


  4. Anonymous User says:

    This html will fail. But it had to be said.

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