12-Apr-2009 (Sun) Wherein Green Day plays, and RealVideo is on the chopping block.

Photos are up of Thursday's last-minute Green Day show. Yeah, Green Day! How did that happen, you're probably wondering? Long story: They called us the night before and asked. Ok, it's not such a long story.

We had to cancel an event that we had scheduled for that night, and it's always a drag to have to do that, but the event we had was probably going to only get a hundred people, and Green Day sold out in 15 minutes on the day of the show. What are you gonna do?

It was a fantastic show. They played for almost three hours, including the entirety of their not-yet-released new album.

The sound quality was amazing. I don't think I've ever heard it sound so good in here.

My favorite part was when an 8-year-old kid climbed from his parent's shoulders onto the stage and Billie Joe said to him, "Go crowd surf, little man!" and he did. People were able to hold him up with one hand because he was so tiny.

My second favorite part was when Billie Joe forgot the lyrics to a song ("We've got a lot of songs!" he said) and pulled a girl up out of the audience to sing it for him. She wasn't a great singer, but she did know all the words!

We got some press on this one: New York Times, NME, and an Oakland Tribune article that was picked up in many other papers.

Like I mentioned last week, the RealVideo webcast has been (mostly) down for the last week or so, because the machine that runs it lost a drive and I haven't been able to talk myself in to the level of Linux-based self-abuse that would be required to get it working again. I did try moving RealVideo on to another machine (making the kiosk server do double duty as the video encoder) but that machine just isn't fast enough to do both. And audio isn't working on it. And you remember how I love diagnosing Linux audio problems.

So, I see two options here, really:

  1. One of you friendly people donate to me a modern, fast, Linux-capable PC to run this junk on; or
  2. I just call it quits on RealVideo and assume that Justin.tv is good enough.

I don't have access to any logs that would tell me the relative popularity of either the Justin.tv or RealVideo streams, so I can't really tell whether anyone is watching either of them. If there is anyone out there who can think of a reason to keep the RealVideo stream going at all, please speak up now.

13 Responses:

  1. greyface says:

    So... the New York Times thinks DNA holds 500 people. The Tribune thinks 1000.

    You say it took 15 minutes, The New York Times gives 20 minutes to sell out and the Tribune believes that the show didn't sell out until just about show-time.

    Who's right? How to rectify these inconsistent stories? Woe is me, *handwringing*

    Newspapers, even digital ones, scare me

    • jwz says:

      We always hold back a few tickets to sell at the door for shows that are sold out online.

      • greyface says:

        See, why should I do footwork, when the truth actually makes sense? Who wants a world like that!

        Also, I'd look a lot less stupid if I paid attention to the world.

  2. radparker says:

    Green Day? Wild.

  3. rodgerd says:

    ...given your recent troubles, or they just like DNA?

    (Or did you finally get that effective booker?)

  4. Overheard outside the show:
    "So, what's he the sherrif OF???"

  5. omni_ferret says:

    What kind of specs do you need on the Real box?

  6. I don't have access to any logs that would tell me the relative popularity of either the Justin.tv or RealVideo streams, so I can't really tell whether anyone is watching either of them.

    Your justin.tv channel page says the stream has been viewed 185,870 times. It's actually been viewed by that number of unique IP addresses (we sort some lists on the site by #views, and don't want to make it too easy to game them). From what I've seen, you usually have 2 or 3 viewers at any given time, and anything from a dozen to a few hundred when there's a show on. These are good numbers relative to the general population of justin.tv broadcasters.

  7. Anonymous User says:


  8. Anonymous User says:


  9. Anonymous User says:

    The Justin.tv feed only shows an invalid embed error