27-Mar-2009 (Fri) Wherein Samuel L. Jackson asks a question about your language skills.

Well, a lot of people seem to be wildly misinterpreting what I just wrote, so I guess I'll have to use smaller words.

We are not closed. We will not be closing any time soon.

Our liquor license has not been revoked.

All that happened is we got a piece of paper making ABC's threats official. They told us that they were intending to attempt to revoke our liquor license. Now we have a piece of paper that says that they are actually attempting to revoke our liquor license. This is how these bureaucratic processes go.

Our license has not been revoked. There is a very long (and very expensive) appeals process before that would happen. We expect to win this appeals process. But did I mention that it will be expensive?

And did I mention that we have a legal defense fund?

5 Responses:

  1. mc_kingfish says:

    Donate! Everybody donate!

  2. pfrank says:

    I had the same OMG DNA CLOSING WTFBBQ reaction at first. But then I settled down and re-read the whole thing. Anyway, I've never been to your club before but I sent a fiver in hopes that I can come there sometime soon.

  3. kimberley66 says:

    I work in a law office, so I understand the law speak and process of things of this nature.

    • I work in an office where we try to create products that people find useful, so I sometimes don't understand the purpose of proclamations by people who work in law offices.

  4. ammitbeast says:



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