26-Mar-2009 (Thu) Wherein ABC sends another love letter.

Hey, we won some more awards! In the SF Chronicle's "Best of the BayList", we won twice in the "Best Dance Club" category: 1st place for Bootie, and then 4th place for DNA Lounge.

Last week we got something else, too: ABC's official decision from our January 13th hearing. Their decision, unsurprisingly, is for outright revocation of our liquor license.

Our fight continues.

A reminder of how this works: At the hearing, we were before an Administrative Law Judge, who is a real judge, but whose decisions are not binding. Basically, he works for the ABC as a legal advisor. In this case, his "advice" to them was that ABC's decision to revoke our liquor license is not illegal. So they are pursuing revocation, which is to say, they still intend to put us permanently out of business.

Next, we file another appeal, which (if I understand things correctly) will take us before another kangaroo court embedded within the ABC bureaucracy, the ABC Appeals Board.

I'm not sure when that will happen, but it will likely be several months from now. It will certainly cost a lot of money.

Won't you please donate to our legal defense fund? Every little bit helps.

Please also join the The "Save DNA Lounge" Facebook group. We're up to 2,300 members now!

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