9-Mar-2009 (Mon) Wherein photos are presented, plus some ancient history.

Photos are up of the Meat Seven Year Anniversary, Bohemian Carnival, and Baxtalo Drom.

I spent a while digging through the Google Usenet, SF Weekly and Chronicle archives looking for evidence of old DNA Lounge shows, and found quite a bit. Besides show announcements, there was also a lot of info to be spotted from people discussing the shows they had just seen, and a surprising amount of info buried in bootleg-trading lists.

So, I put up what I found. It's still dramatically incomplete.

I can't remember what the first show I saw at DNA Lounge was. I know I was at the Machines of Loving Grace show in 1992, but I'm pretty sure I had seen shows here before that. That's the oldest one on the current list that I attended, though.

Go get out your shoebox of old club flyers, dig through it, and tell me what you find!

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  1. bodyfour says:

    I'm pretty sure the first time I was in the building was to see Battery play. It was one of the times I visited SF before moving.. probably around June 1998(?) I think it was nominally a Bound event back when that club was @DNA... wasn't that on Wednesdays?

    Unfortunately I don't have much of my archived email from that period, so I can't pin it down more than that. Maybe someone else can dig up some more details.

  2. inoah says:

    Was it always called DNA Lounge? For some reason I had the impression you gave it a new name.

    • jwz says:

      It's been DNA Lounge since 1985. Before that it was a bar called Chaps, since 1977. It may have had other names between 1977 and 1985, but I've never been able to get a real answer on that.

      • kavavita says:

        Dear god. You're scaring me, jwz. I didn't want to do the math and realize I've been going to DNA for 17 years. Aiyee! That would be half my life.

  3. hafnir says:

    The pre-jwz DNA dekonstrukt events:

    Thu June 17, 1999 - Guest DJ Raoul Roucka (aka Noisex)
    Sun July 4, 1999 - Guest DJ Scott Beebe (aka Savak)
    Sun August 8, 1999 - Guest DJ Tenebrae (aka Lefthandeddecision)
    Sun September 5, 1999 - Savak and FAV Live, with Guest DJ Tony D (aka Sult Villonaud)
    Sun September 19, 1999 - Dance Night
    Sun October 3, 1999 - Urceus Exit with Landscape Body Machine Live
    Sun October 17, 1999 - Dance Night
    Thu October 28, 1999 - VNV Nation with Gridlock Live
    Sun November 7, 1999 - Guest DJ Da5id Din (aka Informatik, Din_fiv)
    Sun November 21, 1999 - Dance Night
    Thu December 2, 1999 - In Strict Confidence with Pulse Legion Live
    Sun December 19, 1999 - Dance Night
    + one night in January 2000 with Guest DJ Fernando

    Looks like you already listed all the proper live shows except Savak with FAV. I still have video of all these shows (except I'm not 100% sure about the ISC/Pulse Legion one). Last week, Noisescape showed a clip from the 1999 VNV show at DNA (pretty much the same as the clip that's been online since that show, except re-digitized with better equipment).

  4. HAHAHAHAH! So THAT's the ONLY time I'd ever been to the DNA Lounge before I worked here- JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, 1998! Seriously, the first time ever. And the last before Casey brought me in.

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