28-Feb-2009 (Sat) Wherein certain strokes are diff'rent.

I didn't realize this until 30 seconds ago, but it turns out that one of the wrestlers at this month's Fog City Wrestling -- starting right now at DNA Lounge -- is Todd Bridges, who played Willis on "Diff'rent Strokes".

How about that.

Also, the Friends of the Anemic Twig have struck again, and we have been a victim of yet another early morning drive-by tree-planting.

At least this time they seem to have reinforced it better. Maybe it will survive the first delivery truck that backs into it, unlike the last one.

Also, Hubba Hubba Revue photos are up now.

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  1. doffy says:

    ..with the 'different folks' part already there(!) - full circle, then; pretty perfect, i.fact. ;)

  2. kavavita says:

    I was all about to be disturbed by the 'strokes', lewdness and ABC thoughts that immediately crossed my mind...

    i don't get how the Urban Toothpick folks can do that. I'm all for trees... but not against your will, or the landlords, and trees that are tinier than stilettos stand no chance there. Everyone needs a license and permits and and... except them. Dealing with our single tree in the Lower Haight was 1-2k a year, just for the pleasure of having it be a pre-existing tree in front of our house. No Forced Flora!

    • nathanrsfba says:

      I've been wondering that myself ever since I read about the first incident. Who exactly owns/is responsible for that sidewalk and/or gets to grant permission to FUF to rip out a segment and plant a tree? And what exempts FUF from being subject to criminal trespass charges when they go and do it anyway?

      (Last time, the answer to the latter appeared to be "the landlord isn't going to bother fighting it.")

  3. mc_kingfish says:

    I saw the Diff'rent Strokes news in the Chronicle today. I was most tickled.

  4. srbaker says:

    Does this mean that DNA Lounge may be what Willis was talkin' 'bout?

  5. insomnia says:

    To me, this seems like one of those situations where you should ideally be reaching out to the various communities that DNA Lounge serves, and see whether there is anything that they can do to put pressure on the powers that be in San Francisco to keep the club open.

    The question is, what things can ordinary people do that would help? Should they contact anyone(s) who might be able to influence the decision? If so, who? Do you need some of the politicians in question on your side on this fight? What about other club owners? Do you need people to attend a hearing, say anything in your club's defense? Do you need advice and/or legal assistance?

    These, to me, are the questions that you should try to answer and ideally let people know the answers to, so that they can help you.

    Please feel free to post to my sfbayarea and burning_man communities for anything regarding this matter that could possibly help mobilize support in your legal battles. Other communities you might consider would be sanfrancisco, bayarea, lesbian, bisexual world, bondage_a_gogo , sfrivethead, and sfbay_bdsm.

    There are a lot of people who read it, so if you need them to contact anyone, attend public meetings, etc., that might be a good resource for you.

    As for the behavior in question by the promoters, I have seen the exact same behavior before at the EndUp, which has hosted nights for women where men attending with the women were charged extra and where they have had indecent behavior by gogo dancers and the staff. It seems to me that if you're not being specifically targeted because of your victory on the all-ages fight, you're being targeted because you're running a nightclub that isn't specifically LGBT, but actually serves the larger community.

    It also seems like a good situation to brainstorm some fresh ideas on how to drive people, attention, and publicity towards the club, to maximize the impact of what you're trying to accomplish. I always think of it as not just trying to book good events, but trying to write a legendary, successful narrative to the club itself, making it clear that you're on the side of your patrons.

    (It sounds a bit cheesy to put it that way, sure... but it helps to have big goals at times.)

    One vitally important thing... reach out more to the GLBT community throughout this situation, and reach out to the gay press and GLBT associations! (I have some contacts there.)

    Here's a strategic objective... create a BIG event / fundraiser for the LGBT community. Harvey Milk's birthday was on FRIDAY May 22nd, and he and his life has a lot of serious attention nowadays. Now would be an excellent time to organize a big benefit for that night, with funds going to some worthy charity, and with involvement -- through an appearance, video message, or whatever -- with the Mayor, City Supervisors, celebs, whoever...

    In other words, create a Catch-22 for the ABC, where in order to go after your club, they need to fuck the local community over, and where the struggle of various communities is directly tied to DNA's struggle. If it becomes necessary to do the benefit night without a liquor license, DO IT, if only to be able to make the argument to all the people attending that night. The struggle goes on, so to speak...

    Lastly, I would also put out the call to bloggers and the digerati as well. In fact, if you create a call-to-action post that suggests what people can do to help, I would gladly see to it that it gets serious attention and crossposting out there.

    In short, the worst thing you can do is nothing.

    • insomnia says:

      Ok... so you already kinda put out the call, and I just noticed. That's what I get for taking a break from LJ for awhile.

      I'll see what I can do.

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