26-Feb-2009 (Thu) Wherein we start the presses.

Thank you all so much for the generous contributions! Your help over the past few days in offsetting our legal bills means that it's going to be somewhat easier to pay our staff this month. We're not done yet, though, so please donate!

The "Save DNA Lounge" Facebook group has around 1,400 members already, which is great. Invite your friends to join! These numbers send a message.

We've gotten some publicity this week on the blogs and newspapers:

You may notice that a number of those web sites have a comments section, and that many of the commenters are saying ill-informed things like, "Well, the law's the law, and they should have known better!" Perhaps you would like to (politely) share your views of the situation on those threads.

Also, a bit of clarification, for those who might not have correctly understood my original blog post about this:

  • Though it is clear to me that ABC's investigation of our gay events is retaliation for our successful conversion to an all-ages venue, the events they are citing us for were 21+ events.

  • The majority of the offenses they are charging us with were dancers flashing for just a few seconds. We're talking about some guy mooning the audience for three seconds. That's the level of these offenses.

  • The people doing these things were not DNA employees.

  • The ABC considers "several" fully clothed pelvic thrusts, as a part of a comedy routine, to be an illegal "simulated sex act". There's hardly a music video in the world that would pass their standard.

I mention these points again because I get the impression that some people don't understand the depth of the absurdity of these charges.

2 Responses:

  1. fantasygoat says:

    Reading the comments on a few of those stories just makes me shake my head. The stories themselves seemed quite well written and accurate, though, which is good.

    • xrayspx says:

      Those people are sheep, you're a goat, there are deep philosophical differences you wouldn't be able to get past.

      Knee-jerk reactionaries really annoy me in local issues*, especially when there is a core group of people who are very passionate about getting this fixed. I'd hate to see the SF people who appreciate the DNA get drowned out by the hordes of "if we do what they say maybe we won't be next" folks.

      * I am nowhere near local, I'm just knee-jerking the other way, so that's ok, right?

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