22-Dec-2008 (Mon) Wherein Real tunes into Fail.

The RealVideo version of the webcast has been down for a couple of days, because the folks who have been generously providing RealVideo hosting for us for free for all these years just upgraded their end to Helix 11.1, and apparently it doesn't like talking to RealProducer 8.5. I downloaded the Linux version of RealProducer Basic 11.1, but all the command-line arguments have changed, and so far I can't make it go.

Anyone know how to use this thing?

I wonder if anyone is actually watching the Real stream any more, now that there's a Flash version via Justin.tv. I think the Real version is better quality, but it's certainly less convenient. (I don't have access to any server logs that could answer this question for me.)

5 Responses:

  1. squirrelonlj says:

    My vote goes to just killing the Real video. It's a crap piece of software that should have been abandoned years ago. It's wasting your time with no benefit now that you have the Flash-stream. I don't see why anyone would bother downloading software to use just for this purpose when you have a Flash stream (and everyone uses Flash).

    RealAlternative would be the only reason to keep the Real stream going, but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Every time I try to play it on iTunes or WMP, the player tells me it doesn't support the codec.

    • jwz says:

      Well, one reason is the quality. Sometimes when I check in on the webcast from home, I watch the Real version because it often has better than 4x the frame rate than the Justin.tv version.

      • squirrelonlj says:

        The Flash stream does have very inferior quality compared to the Real stream, but at least the image is discernable. In a web where people are perfectly happy watching YouTube videos, this doesn't seem like a problem.

        Wouldn't the quality of the Real stream deteriorate as more people watched due to the bandwith being used? Doesn't this mean no one is watching that stream? This is probably totally wrong, but I'm just assuming.

        This is probably just wishful thinking, but I would support a non-Flash stream that is also non-Real. It would probably be expensive to do this, and I can't think of anyone off the top of my head that would host it. Oh well.

        • jwz says:

          No, I don't think Real degrades with number of viewers (unless it has maxed out the server's total upstream bandwidth, which isn't likely).

  2. mcsmurf says:

    I think the RealVideo Stream is not working again yet. I get no picture with RealPlayer 11 on Windows, I just see the Real logo in the middle of the screen (not even a black picture).