16-Dec-2008 (Tue) Wherein we can count to 600.

On Sunday we had twenty-seven bands play here, from noon until midnight. That's definitely a record. And, as it turns out, one of those bands -- the third one, Emilia's Rose -- is the 600th band to play at DNA Lounge since we re-opened in 2001! That's somewhat approximate, of course, since it's based on what's on our calendar, and there are sometimes last-minute lineup changes that I don't know about. And we quibble about the distinction between "band" and "dj". But hey, 600 bands, that's kind of a lot.

I didn't realize this before the show because I didn't actually get the lineup of the bands who would be playing until halfway through the event...

It was also our youngest event to date: something like 87% of the people who attended were under 21. (We track this by counting the wristbands we give to drinkers, so it is also somewhat approximate.)

4 Responses:

  1. elevatordown says:

    Did anyone take pictures? I can imagine the fun you'd have in picking, uploading and labelling images of 27 bands, heh.

  2. fantasygoat says:

    Congrats. Looks like the under 21 license is paying off!

  3. jered says:

    I take it you've decided to continue posting the updates here?

  4. cayennesauce says:

    Now you reap the rewards of facing down The Man. But do not be too proud of this technological marvel you have constructed, etc etc