23-Nov-2008 (Sun) Wherein shitbaggery is noted.

At the Immortal Technique show, some colossal shitbag carved their happy pirate name into the men's room mirror, five feet across. Also, a couple dozen tiles have been tagged so badly that they have to be replaced. So there's a thousand bucks gone. We couldn't possibly have had anything better to spend it on, right? Thanks, assholes. I hope your mom's real proud of your awesome handwriting.

It turns out that when doing hiphop shows, it's cheaper to pay someone to do nothing else but stand in the bathroom all night than to pay for the repairs afterward.

The other day I was complaining about the fact that the only reason we have a light under one of the skull vodka bottles is that Shawn cannibalized a light out of a liquor display from some previous promotion that he hadn't yet thrown away. Even though (I think) Chris had asked our distributor to send us something weeks ago. Surely they have a lighted base for these, right? I mean, come on, you're launching a new product, in a fancy bottle, and you don't ship displays to your first batch of retailers?

Then it was pointed out to me that I was standing there assuming competence at every step on a chain spanning at least three companies.

Never lose that optimism, kids. Don't die inside.

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  1. fantasygoat says:

    Can you imagine the world we'd live in if everyone put in a full day's work, at full efficiency and competence?

    We'd have permanent colonies on Mars at the very least.

    • But no lolcats! The scales weigh heavily.

    • strspn says:

      Mars is crap. Please don't ask to spend my tax dollars on flyboy anatomy-compensatory Mars rockets.

      Cyropreservation for interstellar travel is a piece of cake compared to terraforming, or even existing in a modular colony, on Mars. Toss a mouse in liquid nitrogen, and only with a little more care with the resuscitation, the mouse lives.

      Lets complete a decent interferometric far-infrared extrasolar planet survey first, freeze some astronaut couples, and send them on their way. Anything else is pouring money down a hole, further deflating the economy.

      • giantlaser says:

        You conveniently ignore all the ancillary research and equipment testing / experience that would come from colonising Mars. It's the cheapest way to test everything that we'd have to use on another planet anyway.

        I mean, imagine what kind of Tang we'll develop for use on Mars!

        • strspn says:

          Isn't that what the Moon is for?

          If you are talking long term vacation colonies, Venus is so much nicer. All we need is a set of chlorophoid microbes after Sterling pump-based hydrocarbon synthesis gets the temperature down. But still, we could have 100 planetary colonies with soil samples back on earth by the time Venus is oxygenated, if we play our cards right.

    • g_na says:

      One interesting thing I've noticed is that (in my experience) people who work at volunteer jobs are more efficient and competent than those who work at paid jobs. I"m assuming this is because they want to be there, rather than they "have to" go to work.

      • candid says:

        Clearly you have never participated in Habitat for Humanity.

        • tjic says:

          Preach it, brother.

          I've spent my time in the Habitat trenches.

          51% of the folks are clueful.

          49% are enthusiastic but clueless.

          After you subtract away the effort expended by the clueful to babysit the clueless, you've got about a 2% efficiency rate.

          Btw, love the Clay Davis icon.

      • flipzagging says:

        If they take they job because it's somehow intrinsically rewarding to them, yes.

        But in my experience, a large number of volunteers are there because of personality problems, and they need an environment that won't fire them and will even allow them to claim merit just for showing up.

    • jwz says:

      I have a friend who was obsessively into Sim City, and she used to say, "if I haven't made it to orbit by the 15th century, I just hit reset."

    • pavel_lishin says:

      Mars colonies, in a day?

      We'd probably have to stay late.

  2. pdx6 says:

    Instead of someone standing there, perhaps a bathroom attendant would work better? At least you'd be able to coax someone into working for only tips for that position, and the bathroom would appear to be cared for and watched at the same time.

    Death to shitbags who graf up washrooms!

  3. moof says:

    I suppose the question has to be asked: why do you let hiphop shows go on at the DNA Lounge, given their past history of douchiness?

    • jwz says:

      Why do you think? Money.

      • moof says:

        Well, more to the point: is it really that much more money (as compared to other possible events) that it's worth the time, hassle, annoyance, and repair costs?

        • giantlaser says:

          The DNA is still in business, so I'm guessing that this equation continues to balance in favour of allowing hip-hop shows.

  4. giantlaser says:

    I recall that you learned this lesson previously. IE, that hiring a bathroom attendant is more cost-effective than replacing the mirror. Did you change that policy at some point, or never enact it?

    • jwz says:

      The conversation in our staff meeting went something like:

      "Hey, remember when we talked about this before?"
      "Oh yeah. I forgot."

      (I know that there have been occasions when people were stationed in the bathroom, but obviously it didn't happen this time.)

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