23-Sep-2008 (Tue) Wherein Jesus is spotted in unlikely places.

Photos are now up of the Hubba Hubba Revue "Olde Time Religion" show, hallelujah. Don't miss the animated cartoon.

I found it entertaining that one of the vendors there was only selling a table-full of pasties. I guess that tells you that it's something of an insider crowd... How is it that the pirate store describes themselves? "Purveyors to the Industry", or something like that?

Also: R. Black has outdone himself this time, with his triptych of flyers for the upcoming Goth Week. Collect all three!

8 Responses:

  1. bitwise says:

    I give it 36 hours until the kooks start their outraged evangelizing. 48 hours until you get a "jesus wants you to die" threat.

    • edlang says:

      "The Jesuses"

      jwz the other day made a comment about how people under 21 have a lot more energy at shows -- I think club / concert photographers are the same, they tend to get burned out / jaded / get artistically lazy / creepy at around the age 24-25 mark.

      I don't think blanket banning pro kit is the best option -- you need to allow the next generation the opportunity to practice and skill up -- but perhaps they could be better accommodated at nights other than this one in particular.

      • elusis says:

        Who exactly are you lecturing here, and why?

        • His default font was small enough that the named anchor tag towards the end couldn't scroll to the top of his screen and he read the post about Dirty Santa photographers when he clicked the link.

          On the other hand, at least he clicked the link.

  2. fayanora says:

    I don't want to know what unlikely places Jesus has spots in.

  3. mc_kingfish says:

    We aren't an insider crowd! We're trying to recruit new girls!!

    Liked the show? Buy a pair of pasties and audition for the next one!

  4. gths says:

    It took a while for me to parse "pasties" as being those other than the Cornish variety.

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