14-Sep-2008 (Sun) Wherein we wag the finger at Canuckistani Fresno.

Now I realize that "Pop Roxx" wasn't exactly the most creative name for a club night, but this is getting ridiculous. Apparently Toronto is now the Fresno of the North.

For what it's worth, which is "not much", it's pretty clear that both of these are a case of them half-assedly cutting-and-pasting our flyer, rather than just coincidentally ripping off the same source that we did. And not even bothering to spend the thirty bucks to get the right font.

You're a schmuck, DJ Dwight.

17 Responses:

  1. The red flyer says "19+ ID required". Seems kind of arbitrary, unless the drinking age there is 19 or something, I wonder why 19?

  2. mc_kingfish says:

    *pfff* --Goddamn snow-eaters, comin' down here and jamming-up our vending machines with their fake money!

  3. Hater! You're just jealous because on my visit I get to go to Pop Roxx again, WITHOUT EVEN TRAVELING BACK IN TIME!

    Everyone's gonna wonder what the fuck is up with THAT chick when I show up in head-to-toe color-themed stripey wear....WOOHOO!

    • ladykalessia says:

      I was looking at the halloween display of loud-colored stripey stockings the other day, and shed a tear in memory of lots of Pop Roxx silliness.

      And then I walked away fast and hid in an aisle of all black stuff until I felt better.

  4. fantasygoat says:

    All this time Toronto has been trying to be like New York, but secretly it's wanted to be San Francisco.

  5. As a Toronto resident, I apologize. Also, The Annex is a failboat of a nightclub anyways - I'm stunned they're still in business, unless someone's bought them out from the last incompetent owners and kept the name...

  6. httf says:

    My ex started a club in portland that's also sort of ripping off Pop Roxx, but slightly more creatively: Pop Tart. It's a queer club that plays mashups. It's Pop Bootie Cream!

  7. slacktide says:

    Copyright infringement is your best entertainment value.

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